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Addiction is serious. Lives and relationships are at stake. I am presenting you with a solution that I am very proud of, and that has shown tremendous success among those committed to following it. I want to be upfront about this. My solution is not for everyone. The information contained in these pages is to help you decide if The Mindful® Habit is right for you. Any information or comparisons made between The Mindful® Habit and other approaches are based on ours and other’s experiences, and should not be interpreted as advice of any kind.

Group Counseling vs. Private Therapy


When it’s time to get help for sex or porn addiction, or substance abuse for that matter, do you choose private therapy or group counseling or…?


Addiction is a personal matter. Whether it is substance abuse, a gambling addiction, dependency on sex or pornography and its various forms, or any other compulsive behavior that displaces an individual’s grounded thoughts and behaviors, coming to terms with such loss of personal control can be earth-shattering.

When it comes time for seeking outside clinical help for one’s sex or porn addiction, which generally means counseling or therapy, the addict is forced to look at this personal matter eye to eye and deal with it. This is the point where many sex and porn addicts limit their recovery options to private therapy. The very thought of being in a counseling group setting and sharing openly is simply beyond their comfort zone.

A common question we often hear is, “What’s the difference between counseling and therapy?” According to Flinders University “Counseling is typically short-term (e.g. just a handful of sessions), and focused on identifying and implementing potential solutions to a current issue or problem. Therapy or psychotherapy is a medium to longer-term process focused on long-standing attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that have significantly impacted an individual’s quality of life, relationships and/or work.” Generally speaking, counseling focuses on the present and future; likewise so does therapy, however, its foundation is primarily rooted in one’s past.

Therapy is generally considered to be deeper than counseling. If you’ve heard the term “Family of Origin,” for instance, which is defined as the family you grew up in and its dynamics, this is an area often visited by a therapist, but less so by a counselor.

As with most forms of addiction, including those dependent on sex, pornography, and its many variations, a client can oftentimes experience greater benefit by integrating both private and group therapy into their treatment plan. Interestingly, however, you don’t generally hear the terms “private counseling or counselor.”

In our many years of experience, one major factor standing in the way of successful recovery among sex and porn addicts is the reality that a goal of total abstinence is not realistic. Such is the case with eating disorders as well. With heroin and cocaine addictions, for instance, achieving and maintaining total abstinence is a smart and logical goal. That option is not available in the cases of sex and food, which means the client must gain the tools needed to help them balance their issues rather than all-out avoiding them.   

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Taking an addiction and converting it into a manageable, once-in-a-while act can be a tricky proposition, after all, see if a cocaine addict can do a line at breakfast, a line at lunch and one more at dinner while managing their daily lives in the same capacity as they would otherwise while remaining totally abstinent. Let’s just say, good luck with that…

That being said, an advantage to seeing a counselor in a group setting is that you have an opportunity to hear other’s experiences and potentially learn from them. In fact, any experienced therapist or counselor will tell you that when it comes to matters of addiction, whether sex & porn, drugs, alcohol or whatever, knowledge in and of itself will avail you nothing. However, knowledge plus experience is a whole different story.

Comparatively speaking, private therapy will generally provide the client with a deeper level of personal insight, including triggers, family of origin matters, unrealized personal trauma and other critical issues that are likely contributing to the addictive behaviors.

In the final analysis, however, the one area where both, the private and group approaches can fall short is, where the client goes from here. Understanding your past as it affects your present is important, and when we’re dealing with matters outside the scope addiction this information can reveal the path forward; how to think and live from this point on as a means for overcoming the problem. With addiction, however, this simply isn’t enough, and without a realistic, grounded, proven path forward, the addict is almost sure to remain as they currently are. This reality is among the catalysts behind the birth of The Mindful Habit® coaching.

There is a distinct reason why our founder, Craig Perra, J.D., C.P.C., C.M.H.C., has created The Mindful Habit System through a coaching perspective rather than a purely therapeutic one. As you compare coaching to therapy or counseling on an in-depth level, you begin to see the single most profound difference, which is the key element of how exactly to move forward. This isn’t to say that counseling or therapy doesn’t potentially serve an important purpose, depending upon the needs of the client. However, our unique approach coupled with Coach Craig’s powerful message and easy-to-follow delivery is what has garnered The Mindful Habit worldwide acclaim and over 200 5-star reviews through the highly notable TrustPilot.

Many clients come to us in a state of confusion. Having spent substantial time in private and/or group therapy sessions, with little or no long-term solution in hand, they’ve become desperate to get their hands on the map of abstinence and freedom. That is who we are and what we do. The Mindful Habit System is not for everyone, but for those who are finally ready to set aside their addiction to pornography and sex, and who are prepared to follow our guidance, this is a solution like none other. 


For more information on this article or The Mindful Habit, you may reach us 7 days a week at (877) 769-3790 or by email at All communications with us, whether from a current or potential client, are kept in the strictest of confidence and subjected to additional web security measures.


The Mindful Habit System

The Mindful Habit System is a structured behavior change system designed to dramatically increase self control, emotional intelligence, healthy sexuality and install the systems necessary to drive long term success. It is a science based, action oriented, goal centric, and structured path designed to produce a healthy sexuality and a great life. 

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Over 75% of our clients come to The Mindful Habit® from other treatment programs like 12-Steps, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Counseling or Therapy. Because transparency is important to us, every client we work with has the opportunity to review us via public review site Trustpilot. Check out the Trustpilot banner above to read what real people are saying about Craig Perra.

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As a former executive and attorney, I know that my clients need results. My client’s time is valuable that’s why I offer days, nights, and weekend sessions – all from home (or work) at your convenience. My clients need a comprehensive solution, so I deliver an intensive 12 week boot-camp styled program plus long-term support that’s included in your investment. If you’re married, your spouse also receives structured support to help her heal. She’s an important part of this process and we treat her accordingly.

Having worked with over 1,000 men spanning 27 countries over the years, I developed a science based system designed to: increase self control, elevate your emotional intelligence, create healthy sexuality, provide you with tools to create long term success and repair your relationship. I literally return 100% of your investment if you are in any way dissatisfied with your growth and development (we have a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee).

My Private Executive/ Professional/ VIP One on One Coaching option is best suited for high-achievers looking for a powerful experience as well as an alternative to residential inpatient treatment.

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