The Mindful Habit Coach Certification Program

Get certified to coach using The Mindful Habit System and help your current and future clients with a renown program used by thousands of people all over the world to drastically change and improve their lives

Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists – Accelerate Your Clients’ Growth By Becoming A Mindful Habit® Certified Coach (C.M.H.C)

Coaching Certification – The Mindful Habit® System

The Certified Mindful Habit Coach training is designed to provide you with the principles, history, theory, practice and delivery.

This will allow you to incorporate The Mindful Habit® coaching program into your personal life, professional teaching or clinical practice.

The System has been designed for use in various settings that include a personal therapy, coaching, or counseling practice, social work, clinical and medical settings, and alternative or integrative medical practices.


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What Is The Mindful Habit System?

The Mindful Habit System is an action oriented, goal centric, science based, and structured behavior change modality. It merges the power of habits, with mindfulness and action to create a structured approach to living.

The System merges habits (which control around 50% of our waking hours) and mindfulness (one of the most powerful behavior change modalities on the planet today), to produce a structured response to biologically hard wired triggers.

Clients learn to use these triggers to prompt “In The Moment Mindfulness”™ to create a new habit of awakening that drives positives results.

The System weaves goals, good habits, positive thinking, risk management, and metrics into the fabric of your clients’ existence.

It’s a structured and versatile behavior change system designed to create powerful life long change quickly. Coaches, counselors and therapists utilize the System to empower people struggling with compulsive behaviors, addictions, overeating, depression, anxiety, negative thinking, obsessive compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder, and other conditions.

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Here’s What You’ll Receive:

You will receive tools and a step by step guide to deliver a powerful, life changing program to your clients.

Not only will you learn to deliver a complete behavior change modality to your clients, but you will also learn structurally how the system was assembled so you can customize it by adding in your own teachings and tools.

Each session teaches defined and clear learning objectives coupled with supporting exercises.

You also get:

  • Certified in The Mindful Habit Coaching System
  • Use of the Certified Mindful Habit Coach (C.M.H.C.) designation
  • A super classy looking diploma for framing
  • Marketing and product/service development training
  • Free TMH Workbook to learn the system during your training
  • Discount on TMH Workbooks to use in your coaching with personal clients
  • Special affiliate commission on TMH Self Study Program

Summary of Training:

Our Next Training Begins in September of 2022

• Meet every week for 1 hour for 9 weeks

• Learn to price, package and promote your best services to the best clients

• Homework/Reading/Exercises

• Live group coaching training supervised by Craig

• Membership in a private online forum for Mindful Habit coaches only


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