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How I Escaped A Living Hell. Please read.

My sexual addiction was so insane it almost killed me.

Yes, 10 years ago, I felt so ashamed and had fallen so far that I tried to kill myself.

Fortunately I failed… and from that point on things got amazingly better.

I saved my life, family, and found my purpose.

And now, for the past eight years, I’ve used my insight and wisdom to help over 1,000 men break the chains of porn/sex addicition and reclaim control over their powerful sexual energy.

Because here’s the thing…

…in modern-day society, men are not taught that our sexual energy is a source of constructive power… but it is.

And when properly harnessed, this sexual energy can create great lives, bolster families, and empower those who learn to tap into it with a life-changing level of confidence and strength they never knew they had.

Clients have called the tools learned in my group coaching program, “revolutionary”, “awesome”, and “life-changing”.

Now, I’m not for everyone (I pull absolutely no punches).

BUT… for those who are: 1. are willing to challenge themselves and do the work; and 2. can drop their guard and be willing to connect with my results focused approach and my team…

…I will quickly move these courageous souls to healthy sexuality and an awesome life.

And yes, there’s zero risk.

Our 30-day no questions asked moneyback guarantee is iron-clad.

Lives and families are at stake and we believe we should only be compensated if we deliver the change we’re offering.

Believe me, my porn & sex addiction was as severe as anyone’s, and probably worse.

But I fought back and changed my life.

Since then, I’ve coached over 1,000 men in 25+ countries all over the world. Millions saw my wife and I on Katie Couric, and millions saw me appear as an expert on The Steve Harvey Show.

In addition, over 1 million people have watched my videos on YouTube and over 300,000 have learned from my podcast, Sex Afflictions & Porn Addicitons.

So here’s my question…

Are you ready to forever change your life?

If the answer’s yes, and you’d like to learn more, just sign up above to get my number and we can talk.

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Founder, The Mindful Habit System (and former addict)

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What Experts Say about Craig

How can I be so sure these results are possible for you?

Because I’m one of you.

My own struggles with porn and sex addiction began at age 8

As an adult I was fired from 2 six-figure jobs.

I felt so low that I even attempted to kill myself.

Worst of all, I nearly lost my wife and children.

There was a time, before I discovered these truths that have changed my entire philosophy on life and healing, a time before I became a top life coach and founded The Mindful Habit® System, meeting with thousands of clients in more than 27 countries.

There was a time before my appearances on The Katie Couric Show, the Steve Harvey Show, and Lifetime TV that my life was consumed by an intense struggle with multiple addictions…including sex and porn addiction.

My descent to the very bottom of the pit (otherwise known as rock bottom), is what finally forced me to question the typical recovery programs which had done nothing for me and my goals.

You see, despite the ‘good intentions’ of these so-called recovery programs, I always slid right back into my old habits and behaviors, which I had never been shown to replace with anything meaningful.

And each time I slipped back into these patterns I hit a new low that was worse than the one before.

But then I said enough was enough.

So I set out on a mission to discover the true secrets of defeating addiction.
And everything changed.

Now I have a new mission…to use everything I know to help others break free from the nightmare of porn & sex addiction.

Watch Craig Tackle Sex & Porn Addiction on the The Steve Harvey & Katie Couric Shows

They’ve lived this experience through and through.

With Craig and Michelle’s guidance, every couple experiencing the challenge of porn or sex addiction can overcome this and take the steps down a new path.

Why The Mindful Habit® System over traditional treatment options?

The Mindful Habit® System​ is not rooted in the 12 Step “MyAddiction is a Disease” model. Instead, it is rooted in the ​science of habits​, ​mindfulness​, ​healthy sexuality​, and ​SUCCESS

Client’s call The Mindful Habit’s 1 on 1 Coaching Program “powerful,” “transformative,” and “life-changing.”

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Porn & Sex Addiction
12 Week At Home Intensive Program

This Is A Secular, Science Based 12-Week Program Which Has Already Changed the Lives Of 1000+ Clients from 27 Countries!

Trained to counselors and therapists worldwide (include testimonials)

My intensive, highly structured program will help create:

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