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From Our Founder

Craig Perra

“My sex addiction & porn addiction almost cost me my family and my life. It is my mission to help men break free quickly.”

Client’s call The Mindful Habit’s 1 on 1 Coaching Program “powerful,” “transformative,” and “life-changing.”

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Founded by executive/lawyer/sex, drug, & porn addict, The Mindful Habit System is a behavior change modality based on the science of habits (which control our lives), mindfulness (which is literally changing the world) and success (healthy sexuality and a great life). Offered worldwide online, clients never have to leave home and we offer days, nights, and weekend sessions to take back control of your life on your schedule.

Craig Perra Isn’t Just Another Coach…

He’s The Real Deal

Men… Are You Struggling With Any of the Following?

Pornography | Prostitution | Chronic Infidelity | Glory Holes | Strip Clubs | Hook-up Sites/Apps | Web Camming | Voyeurism | Unhealthy Sexuality | Performance Issues | Masturbation Addiction | Anonymous Sex | Fetishes

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The Mindful Habit System

The Mindful Habit System is a structured behavior change system designed to dramatically increase self control, emotional intelligence, healthy sexuality and install the systems necessary to drive long term success. It is a science based, action oriented, goal centric, and structured path designed to produce a healthy sexuality and a great life. 

This Structured Program Is:

  • Structured & Action Oriented
  • Science Based (Not 12 Steps)
  • Provides Support For Your Partner
  • Backed By Hundreds of 4 & 5 Star Reviews
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee



Our clients learn a system that drives results long-term. Sustainability is a critical component. Those in our private and executive coaching program receive varied levels of ongoing support to drive continuous improvement.


Real – Practical – Doable….this is a “real life” solution that has helped thousands recover from all forms of sex & porn addiction. Specially designed to provide you with tools to proactively manage your powerful sexual energy.


We offer partner support groups for spouses run by a licensed therapist and betrayal trauma expert …we’ll help them to resolve pain, anger & resentment while you focus on your recovery. We help heal betrayal trauma.


This is a science-based system that is not based on 12-Steps, an 85+ year old approach invented for alcohol. It targets specific areas that are critical to creating a healthy sexuality and a great life.


An alternative to residential-inpatient treatment programs that delivers an intense, transformative experience at a substantially lower cost on your schedule from someone who knows what you’re going through.


Optimal for those with tight or busier schedules, as well as for those wanting an enhanced level of care & personalization. Daily support if necessary, built around a structured approach to driving results.


Intensive 12-Week Training

Work personally in this intensive training with Coach Craig as he helps you work through this powerful system

2 Breakthrough Sessions Per Week

One full session, as well as one mid-week check in to assist you in retaining what you’ve learned

Phone, Text & Email Support

Additional support is available between sessions, as you need it, because we know this can be difficult

175-Page Workbook

Our workbook assists you in staying on track in completing your lessons and exercises

Partner Support

Your partner will receive 3 months in our Partner Empowerment Group absolutely free

Long Term Support

After your 12 weeks is complete, we offer long term support in a powerful community of men aggressively pursuing great lives.

Real People. Real Results. Real Reviews.

Over 75% of our clients come to The Mindful Habit® from other treatment programs like 12-Steps, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Counseling or Therapy. Because transparency is important to us, every client we work with has the opportunity to review us via public review site Trustpilot. Check out the Trustpilot banner above to read what real people are saying about Craig Perra.

Men All Over The World Turn To Craig Perra In Their Time Of Need

As a former executive and attorney, I know that my clients need results. My client’s time is valuable that’s why I offer days, nights, and weekend sessions – all from home (or work) at your convenience. My clients need a comprehensive solution, so I deliver an intensive 12 week boot-camp styled program plus long-term support that’s included in your investment. If you’re married, your spouse also receives structured support to help her heal. She’s an important part of this process and we treat her accordingly.

Having worked with over 1,000 men spanning 27 countries over the years, I developed a science based system designed to: increase self control, elevate your emotional intelligence, create healthy sexuality, provide you with tools to create long term success and repair your relationship. I literally return 100% of your investment if you are in any way dissatisfied with your growth and development (we have a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee).

My Private Executive/ Professional/ VIP One on One Coaching option is best suited for high-achievers looking for a powerful experience as well as an alternative to residential inpatient treatment.

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.
Founder/Owner, The Mindful Habit® System

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