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• Founded by a former sex & porn addict

• Science based & non 12-Step

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Why The Mindful Habit®?

It works. Over 1,000 clients from 27 countries use the System’s tools to save their relationships, to create healthy sexuality, and live great lives. Clients call it “Life Changing.” Run entirely by former sex and porn addicts, we quickly cut through the shame with a structured program that aggressively heals the underlying emotional drivers of your addiction.


Why Choose Online?

Because your life is hard enough as it is. Embrace recovery aggressively on your time at your convenience. We offer private & confidential days, nights, and weekend sessions. We know what you’re going through so there’s no shame or judgment. No waiting rooms. No public meetings. Discreet powerful help for men and their spouses on your time.

Founded by Former Sex & Porn Addict and World Recognized Expert Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Watch Craig, a Former Sex Addict Who Tried Everything but Nothing Worked, Tackle Sex & Porn Addiction on The Steve Harvey & Katie Couric Shows (with his wife Michelle)

Craig Has Been To Rock Bottom And Back.

Now He’s Helping Men All Over The World

Sex addiction and porn addiction almost killed me. Rock bottom and repeated failures forced me to challenge traditional treatment methods. Forged in the fire of failure, The Mindful Habit® System represents an evolution in the treatment of sex & porn addiction. For the past 8 years I’ve been aggressively leading men to end their addiction, create great lives and to save their relationships.

Join the revolution of men reclaiming their sexuality from unhealthy sexual behaviors.

Craig Perra, J.D., C.P.C., C.M.H.C.

Founder, The Mindful Habit® System

What Is The Mindful Habit® System?


It’s a structured behavior change system designed to dramatically increase self control, emotional intelligence, healthy sexuality and install the systems necessary to drive long term success.

Founded by executive/lawyer/sex, drug, and porn addict, it’s a behavior change modality based on the science of habits (which control our lives), mindfulness (which is literally changing the world) and success (healthy sexuality and a great life). 

It is a science based, action oriented, goal centric, and structured path designed to produce: healthy sexuality and a great life.


Offered worldwide online, clients never have to leave home and we offer days, nights, and weekend sessions to take back control of your life on your schedule.

Science Based

Rooted in habits, mindfulness, healthy sexuality and success. Designed to produce rapid results. Action-oriented, goal centric, and structured.


Learn tools to master habits, respond to triggers, and get your needs met in a healthy way to create and sustain a great life.


You must take action. You must move towards the life you want. This program is about goals, metrics, and accountability… through action!


100% unconditional 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. Clients rate the system EXCELLENT with hundreds of verified 4 and 5 ⭐️testimonials.


Clients call it “life changing.” Clients who’ve struggled for decades call it “revolutionary.” It is an aggressive attack on your compulsive behavior.


Get results via phone and online at your convenience. Days, nights, and weekend sessions. No waiting rooms, no traffic. No wasted time. 

Highly Recommended By Deeply Qualified Therapists

What Our Clients Say:

Who Is The Mindful Habit® System For?


Men struggling with all forms of sex & porn addiction, infidelity, and other unhealthy sexual expressions who need results quickly.

Their Spouses/Partners. All coaching for men includes support for their Spouse/Partner in our Healing Betrayal Trauma Group Coaching Program. 


The 4 Transformational Shifts You Must Make to End Compulsive Sexual Behavior

This one hour masterclass will forever change the way you view and treat your compulsive sexual behavior. 


Programs for Men


30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We earn results. 

Spouse Support included with Group and Executive options. 

Core Training Recovery Program

Learn the system Craig teaches to his clients. Structured path, with 30+ lessons and 40 exercises to help you gain self-control and understand the drivers of your addiction.

Men's Group Coaching Intensive

A structured “Boot-Camp” styled intensive program. Online or by phone. Expert advice, lessons, exercises, tools, and community. Long-term support. Confidential recovery.

Executive 1-on-1 Coaching

12 week intensive one on one recovery program. Craig’s most intense alternative to residential treatment option for busy executives and professionals that need massive results quickly.

Programs for Spouses/Partners

Expert advice to heal from betrayal trauma.

Spouse Support

Expert advice from people who know what you’re going through. Heal from betrayal trauma with powerful support and community from home. Structured path with tools to help you heal.

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