This Non 12-Step Recovery for Drug-Alcohol Addictions Too?

Can this non 12-Step approach to porn & sex addiction recovery from The Mindful Habit also work for those with drug & alcohol addictions?

So, for the record, I’m not a sex or pornography addict. I’m not into hookers or sex chats or videos or anything really within that realm, but I am an addict, a bad one! I’m a substance abuser, cocaine to be specific.

I’ve been to countless drug rehab centers, have worked with God knows how many therapists, both in private and group settings. I’ve tried 12-Step, non 12-Step, holistic, religious track, Rational Recovery, SMART Recovery, I’ve even tried Scientology (boy that’s a whole story in and of itself). The truth of the matter is that recovery for me has been real difficult, more so than for many other I believe, or so it seems.

When I initially found The Mindful Habit website there immediately entered a pressing question in my mind, and that was, “Can this science-based, non 12-Step recovery approach work this well for those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions too?”

For many years I had pounded my head against the wall trying to come up with another way. Everything else out there just had such an astonishingly low success rate, not to mention it was hard to do and it sucked doing it. So with all that said, and just having looked through the 200 or so 4 & 5 star reviews on this website, it was certainly compelling. You’ve got countless men on here that have been seeing a therapist or some specialty psychologist or other mental health professional for years and still their lives are in shambles over their porn or sex addiction. All of a sudden they come across this 12-week recovery program, and from the comfort of their own home at that, and their life is seemingly forever changed.

So as a hardcore drug addict, and I’m talking 25 years of sheer misery, one of my greatest hopes is that whatever Craig Perra has come up with be branched out into the substance abuse world. If this type of success rate really exists it could be a real game changer, not to mention debilitating the drug rehab industry due to the loss in repeat business!

So anyway, I just wanted to share this thought and throw it out into the world and see if anything comes back. I’m very fortunate to be clean & sober these days, but what if I’d stumbled upon this 10 or 15 years ago?

So here’s the deal, if you’re a drug addict and as impressed with The Mindful Habit as I was, email Craig and start bugging him to bring this process into the substance abuse world. I mean at some point he’s bound to break down, if for anything at least just to shut us all up. I encourage you all to view the video clips of him on tv and draw your own conclusions.

I wish you all well ????


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