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I personally struggled with sex addiction and porn addiction. Rock bottom – losing a six figure job and almost losing my wife and kids – forced me to challenge traditional recovery modalities they hadn’t completely worked for me. I knew there were better and quicker ways to drive positive results in addition to and beyond traditional 12 step programs and the disease based model of addiction. My failures, frustrations, and gifts gave birth to The Mindful Habit® System. This system represents an evolution in the treatment for sex addiction and porn addiction.

Join the revolution of men reclaiming their sexuality from pixels and other sexually compulsive behaviors. It will change your life. Welcome.  

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D. Certified Professional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit System

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What Is The Mindful Habit® System?

Founded by former sex & porn addict, The Mindful Habit® System is a science based, action oriented, goal centric, and structured attack on your sex and porn addiction. This is NOT counseling, therapy, or a 12 Step based (Sex Addicts Anonymous) program. It’s masculine, power-based, and REVOLUTIONARY. The real magic with this program is the dynamic combination of habits, mindfulness, and action – coupled with revolutionary tools, techniques, structure and support you get… all from the comfort of your home.


We are creatures of habit – habits rule our lives. You will learn to use your habit cycle to create new habits that drive positive change and interrupt your sex and porn addiction.


Mindfulness means embracing the power of the present moment and not being a slave to urges. It’s insanely effective and helps reduce addictive cravings and increase your power of choice.


Fact: to break a habit you must make a habit. You must take action. You must move towards the life you want. This program is about goals, metrics, and accountability… through action!

Who Is The Mindful Habit® System For?
Men Struggling With:



Chronic Infidelity

Glory Holes

Strip Clubs

Craig’s List

Web Camming

Transgender Issues

Same Sex Confusion


Unhealthy Sexuality

Performance Issues

Masturbation Addiction

Anonymous Sex


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