I don’t have to tell you that pornography is all over our world. But, for a number of men, porn is beyond just a casual diversion but is also an object of true and life altering addiction.

Pornographic videos and material is easily accessible on the internet via devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, game consoles, and smart phones. To put the situation into a clearer perspective, over a quarter of web searches that are performed are for salacious or sexual content. This means that upwards of 68 million online porn requests are made on a daily basis. Why this high amount of growth in the porn industry? The reason is very simple; for many people, it’s just too enticing to pass up. Pornography offers the lure of sexual satisfaction without judgement, embarrassment or any amount of commitment involved; for all of these reasons, the cycles of pornography use will repeat themselves for those who find themselves addicted.

Most who would be diagnosed with porn addiction are actually unaware of the fact that they have a legitimate problem. Others feel that perhaps there’s something wrong; they might seek help and try to understand where there issues stem from. However, in main cases where the problem is actually an addiction to pornography, the diagnosis they get is either for an anxiety disorder or depression, maybe even erectile dysfunction, etc. However, many times the porn addiction is actually the cause of the secondary disorder; or if not the full cause, if the porn addiction were mitigated they would most certainly notice improvements in the anxiety or depression they’re experiencing.

Symptoms of an addiction to pornography include feeling isolated, low self confidence, lower desire for real sex, and, of course, issues within their relationships.

At the Mindful Habit, we are here to help you break the habit in your life that’s harming your own self worth and hurting your relationships by replacing this addiction with positive alternatives. Although it is certainly a challenge to entangle oneself from the binding ropes of porn addiction, you should take heart in the fact that it is possible to break a negative cycle of porn addiction quickly. If you want to take the first step in letting go of this bad habit, the first thing to do is to be mindful of your Red Zone.

The Red Zone

The Red Zone is the place and time in which, for the most part, you find yourself viewing pornographic materials. If you can identify your Red Zone, this is huge positive progress because you may be feeling out of control of your life, but in reality you can trace the issue back to your time spent in the Red Zone.

In order to scale down or completely eliminate your consumption of pornography, you must protect yourself from the temptation to view it when you’re in your most vulnerable state of mind. We’ve broken down seven simple steps to do help you do this:

Step 1: Turn Off Your Wifi or Internet Access

Because of how easy it is to continuously stream porn or access porn blogs, you can’t take the risk of having that ready to stream with a couple of clicks. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is if you would just TURN IT OFF.

Step 2: Power down devices at certain times

Take inventory of the other activities you use your phone and compute for; designate certain times for communicating with friends or clients on these devices, reading the news, using social media, whatever you need to do. Beyond those designated times, go ahead and power down your devices. You need to discipline yourself strictly to kick this habit. Set your limits and stick to them.

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