CONGRATULATIONS For Scheduling A Consultation With Craig.

You’ve taken potentially a powerful step in your battle to crush your addiction, save your relationship, and live your best life. For the right client, our programs are revolutionary and transformative. And, we are not for everyone so please carefully follow the instructions below to get the most out of your call with Craig.

If you are married and your wife is part of the decision making process please make sure she reviews the information below and is present for the call with Craig.


To Prepare For Our Call:
Step 1: Watch Video Below

This video will help prepare you for our call. Please watch it. It will help you ask the right questions to best evaluate our treatment options.

Step 2: Review Our Online Coaching Programs​

The Brochure Describes Our Powerful Coaching Programs, Descriptions & Costs.
We offer installment options and a 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.​ Our programs are powerful and convenient – done entirely from home so no waiting rooms, no time off work, and no waiting in traffic.

Step 3: Read our powerful verified testimonials from real clients…​

Approximately 40% of our ~1,000 clients have publicly reviewed our programs via TrustPilot. We don’t have negative testimonials because our programs deliver great results to most of our clients and because we offer a 100% 30 day money back policy for clients who don’t get great value.

Watch Craig and His Wife Michelle on The Katie Couric Show​

About Craig Perra

Craig Perra is known as one of the world’s top coaches for people struggling with compulsive behavior, chronic self-deprecation, and problematic sexual behavior.

He has clients on 6 continents in over 20 countries worldwide. He often coaches executives, professionals, executives, professional athletes and musicians, personalties, and men who need results fast – men who need rapid behavior change, healthy sexuality, and a great relationship.

He’s been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, The Katie Couric Show, Lifetime TV, Good Day Sacramento and in other international media outlets.

Step 4: Listen to Craig’s Podcast ​​

Sex Afflictions & Porn Addictions​

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