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When it comes to making a life-changing transition toward a better life, you need the absolute best possible resources to give you the ultimate foundation to start with. Our programs are world renown and have helped thousands of men get their life back and make the ultimate shift they need to become the person they strive to be. 

We offer online group coaching, exclusive 1-on-1 coaching and even an always accessible online core training recovery program. Each program we offer comes with its own benefits to suit the needs of nearly anybody who’s struggling to get their life back on track. If you’re not ready to take direct action, but still want to get started on the journey to a better life, then our Online Core Training Recovery Program may be a great place to start. Thousands of men, all over the world, have gone through this program and have attested to their success with it. Learn more by clicking the button below, or if you’re ready to get started with me directly, schedule your free call with me today. 

We've Been There

Every coach and counselor have had their lives affected by sex & porn addiction themselves. 

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We provide a step by step path to self control, healthy sexuality & a purpose driven life.

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We have a world class team of coaches and counselors that are available for additional support.

Partner Support

Our programs are for single & married men. If married, we provide powerful support for your partner.

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Our free online video training is a great way to get a foundation of our program and begin to understand the 4 transformational shifts you must take to end your sex and porn addiction.

#1 RATED Podcast

Listen to the top rated podcast on sex and porn addiction, Sex Afflictions and Porn Addictions with Craig Perra.

Coaching Not For You?

Our programs are not for everyone. If coaching is not for you consider online therapy, an at home, online super convenient way to work with a traditional therapist. You can work with our friends At Betterhelp.

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