Thank you considering to work with George & Adrian one on one. I highly recommend my incredible team of coaches. Each was personally trained my me and each has worked with me in The Mindful Habit® for over 6 years. They have my full confidence.

If you can’t afford one of our more structured programs or don’t need that level of support, consider hiring George or Adrian to work with you on specific issues to accomplish specific goals. Sometimes you need a session or a block of sessions to learn and implement critical life changing lessons. 

You and your coach will decide how to use the time you are purchasing in a way that’s most effective for you. For example, you can break up 1 hour into 2 x 30 minute sessions.  Talk about this with your coach and be proactive about what you need to be successful. 

Select your session package below and then click the Buy Now button. You’ll then be directed to Skillful Media’s check out page where you will enter your payment information. Skillful Media is the name of our parent company and we use PayPal’s best in class, safe, secure, check-out system. 

Then what happens? George or Adrian will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your session. 

Craig Perra

Founder, The Mindful Habit® System

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