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This porn addiction quiz will help you bring awareness to the IMPACT pornography is having on you and the RISKS porn is creating in your life.


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Before you start though, I want to share a little bit about my story. I personally spent decades exclusively and obsessively focusing on the behavior that I DIDN’T want to do (porn and prostitutes) through a combination of 12 step programs, traditional therapy, and counseling.

It didn’t work for me. I was stuck. I failed time and time again.

My life changed in a big way though when I started to focus on habits, mindfulness, and ACTION – aggressively pursuing what I DID want to do. If you are on this page, you are likely trying to figure out if you have a problem and if my programs are right for you.

If that’s the case I encourage you to focus on the IMPACTs and RISKs produced by your behavior. My programs are action oriented and goal centric so this is a great place to start.


Answer to yourself these two questions before you start the quiz:

  1. IMPACT – how are your sexual habits (porn, camming, etc.) impacting critical parts of your life like relationships, career, finances, health, and hobbies; and
  2. RISK – what risks are your sexual habits creating in your life – for example, is porn threatening your relationship or career?

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Watch this video to learn the cure for sex addiction and porn addiction. Seriously!!

  My programs are action oriented, science based, goal centric and structured. They are based on the science of habit, mindfulness - one of the most powerful behavior change modalities in existence, and action - the aggressive pursuit of a great life. If you want to be motivated and held accountable, this program will change your life. Click here to schedule a free session with me if you're ready to take massive steps forward.
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