Simple Visualization Technique to Drive Right Decisions

I discovered a visualization technique that is super fun and super effective when you’re having trouble bringing yourself to make the right decisions for yourself in your life.

Imagine your life playing on the backdrop of a screen and you’re on stage. Imagine that everyone you love, respect, and admire is sitting in the audience.

Whatever you’re about to do, if you did it, would they applaud? If yes, then do it. If not, then imagine their response in vivid detail—their facial expression, their look of concern and disappointment.

Social accountability is powerful—but if it’s not real in our imagination and in our minds, if it’s not a concrete and tangible consequence, then we don’t have access to it.

Have fun with this.

Even if you’re simply having trouble bringing yourself to finish that project, make that call, go for that walk, once you succeed in executing the best decision for you in your life, imagine your inner circle standing up and giving you a standing ovation—cheering you on.

Live your truth, my friends.

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