Daily Journal

The Mindful Habit’s® Daily Journal will increase your engagement level with our lessons and help you reinforce what you learn throughout the program.​

  • Set goals with your own personal accountability tool​
  • Break down your life in manageable components​
  • Break bad habits by creating new habits​

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Tangible Accountability

In this day and age, accountability is hard to come by without shelling a ton of money out of pocket. Adding the daily journal and planner to my workflow of the program has made me force myself to take a hard look at my progress, lay out my goals on a roadmap and execute what I signed up to do. I strongly suggest anybody who needs additional accountability, especially on a budget, to purchase this daily journal. You won’t regret it!

Mike A

Great Addition to a Great Program

The Mindful Habit program is already helping me immensely in turning my bad habits into a changed life of good habits. However, once I received my journal in the mail, I was really able to ramp up my progress and stay on track. My wife loves the fact that I work on it daily and see’s it as taking myself and this program very seriously, which has helped our relationship.

Todd H

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