End Sex & Porn Addiction

“I’ve Been There and I Know The Way Out.” Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

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Thank you for reaching out for help and signing up to receive my free eBook – The Four Pillars of Recovery & A Great Life. I remember what it was like when I did exactly what you are doing – there was a point where I needed help. I couldn’t do it alone. That call led to a profound life transformation. And that’s what I want for you.

So please read what I send you, but you must do one thing first

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I expect you to set the bar high also. I know it’s hard to talk about this stuff, but I strongly recommend that you call me. The call goes to my phone. And, I answer. You can call me 24/7. (916) 259-1232. Or you can use this link to schedule a free session with me. 


Till then, watch the video below to learn more about what I do and how I do it. In this video, I share my staunch belief regarding the cure for sex addiction and porn addiction.

It’s really important for you to connect with my message and action-oriented approach. I look forward to talking with you soon. 

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Certified Professional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit Method

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The Cure for Sex & Porn Addiction

  • I’ve Been There and Know’s The Way Out
  • You want to know a secret . . . here’s the secret. 
  • You Can Use This Crisis To Powerfully Change Your Life

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