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Self Study Coaching Program

175 pg Workbook and 33 Audio Files

Introducing The Mindful Habit System

This self-study program can free you from the shackles of sex addiction and porn addiction from the comfort of your own home. 

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This self-study sex and porn addiction program harnesses the science of …


We are creatures of habit – habits rule our lives. You will learn to use your habit cycle to create new habits that drive positive change and interrupt your sex and porn addiction.


Mindfulness means embracing the power of the present moment and not being a slave to urges. It’s insanely effective and helps reduce addictive cravings and increase your power of choice. 

sex and porn addiction coach


Fact: to break a habit you must make a habit. You must take action. You must move towards the life you want. This program is about goals, metrics, and accountability… through action!

To Create Powerful Results!

The Mindful Habit System

Self Study Program

I personally struggled with compulsive sexual behavior – I lost a six figure executive job and almost lost my wife and kids. I tried everything and spent tens of thousands of dollars going sane.

You don’t have to do that. I have a powerful solution that will help you embrace your power of choice, create the life you want, love more, be more productive and feel proud – right from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to quickly attack your porn addiction or sex addiction in a structured and powerful way, then this private, confidential self-study program is for you.

By purchasing the self-study program you receive:

  • 33 Audio Lessons (4+ hours) that mimic my 12 week structured one-on-one program. This is the same program that I deliver to clients all over the world at a cost of over $3,000.00.
  • 175 page Workbook that compliments the audio lessons. This will guide you step by step through over 40 action-oriented exercises to help you master and apply the concepts, be accountable, and drive powerful results.
Craig Perra, J.D., C.P.C.

Founder, The Mindful Habit

175 Page Workbook

Over 175 pages of tools and techniques that guide you step by step from addiction, to recovery to living.

4 Hours of Powerful Audio

Take The Mindful Habit™ with you and listen to Coach Craig teach powerful concepts that empower you to break free.


40 Exercises

You get over 40 exercises in this program that teach and reinforce critical concepts and empower you to take action.


Syllabus - Step by Step

The detailed syllabus guides you week by week towards success. It takes 12-16 weeks to complete the program.

I leveraged my executive background in corporate training to build this best in class elearning program – it’s structured and foundational – each lesson builds on the other.

Within each lesson, there exists clearly defined learning objectives, goals, and exercises, to ensure that you make progress. 

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Certified Profesional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit Method

You will learn how to:

  • Transform your powerful sexual energy into creating a great life
  • Use metrics to eliminate compulsive behavior, accomplish goals, and drive results
  • Master your habit cycle and use tools to “hack” or interrupt your compulsions
  • Use your biologically hard wired triggers to drive positive actions
  • Move past historical traumas and other drivers of your compulsive behavior
  • Define and create healthy sexuality and intimacy in your life
  • Master powerful mindfulness techniques to reduce compulsive cravings and increase well being
  • Create a structured life plan to capture the life you want 
  • Learn real tools and techniques to “hack” or disrupt your habit/addiction cycle
  • Systematically own your s%!# – be accountable for your actions instead of making excuses for them
  • Control your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS so you WANT to do something more productive
  • Retrain your mind to naturally and automatically eliminate the urge to watch porn and instead… choose habits that make healthy choices a priority
  • Create mission critical “infrastructure” in your life, just like successful companies do, to make your freedome permanent
  • Use the latest goal setting techniques to move you towards the life you want
  • Master your triggers and no longer be a slave to them
  • Embrace your power of choice


I believe in accountability – and that applies to me too!

Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Certified Professional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit Method

Money Back Guarantee

I’m a strong believer in holding my clients accountable.  After all, this accountability is what keeps you moving forward. But that applies to me as well – you’re paying me for results so that’s what I must deliver.

I want you to feel confident about trying this course today, so I’ve included a 21 day money back guarantee to ease your mind and reduce all risk.


Physical Workbook and CDs

Are the workbook and CDs shipped discreetly?

Yes, everything we do is discreet. You will receive a package that contains your workbook and CDs. It’s obvious, but worth stating, there will be zero reference to anything related to sex addiction & porn addiction on the packaging. Your trust is highly valued and we deeply respect your confidentiality. Everything we ship is done discreetly and professionally.

What are the shipping costs?

The cost for shipping is $6.95 USD for domestic U.S.; and $30.00 USD to ship internationally.

For my international friends, if the shipping cost is too much, I encourage you purchase the Digital Download version of The Mindful Habit Self-Study Program.

How long does delivery take?

For items in the U.S., your order should be delivered within 3 to 5 days following order confirmation. Please allow up to 2 additional days for rural zip codes.

Please allow up to two weeks for international orders (and sometimes longer). It’s often sooner, however, with international orders, we’ve found it best to err on the side of a 2 week delivery period.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy?

Yes, we offer an unconditional, no questions asked money back guarantee. While we’ve never had a single person return the workbook and audio CDs, we recognize that someone someday won’t like it. That’s totally cool and we understand. We want you to be extremely satisfied and if you are not, you may, within 21 days of purchase, return the items to us in new condition and we will promptly issue a refund.

How do I get in touch with support?

If you have any questions regarding your purchase or download please contact [email protected] We will contact you within 24 hours, and hopefully sooner. We know how important it is that you put your success in our hands.

Digital Downloads

When is my digital download available?

Your digital download is available immediately upon purchase. You will be directed to a website after your purchase where you can download the .zip file that contains the entire self-study program. You will also receive an email that contains a link to download the .zip file.

What are the file formats for the digital download?

You will first download a .zip file. Because some of the files are so large, we’ve compressed them to make it easier for you to download the entire self-study program. Once you download the .zip file, see the instructions below to “unzip” and access your digital files.

Once the .zip file is “unzipped,” the audio files are in the .MP3 format and play on just about every media player in existence and the workbook is in the very common .PDF format.

What is a .zip file?

Zip is an archiving system that bundles together one or more computer files into a single file or folder that takes up less space than the originals. Our downloadable ‘zipped’ files are compatible to be opened by Apple Mac, Linux and Windows PCs.

How do I unzip my download?

When you download the self-study program from The Mindful Habit, it arrives on your computer in a compressed format called zip. Before you can add the music to your library and listen to it, you’ll need to decompress, or “unzip” it using your computer. Doing so is very easy:

If you’re on a Mac, double-click the file. You’re done.

If you’re on a PC, right-click the file and choose Extract All… You’re also done. Don’t see an “Extract All…” option? Try renaming the file to something simple, like “”. The important thing is to make sure the name ends with “.zip”. Then right-click it again. You should now see “Extract All…” in the menu. If you stilldon’t see an Extract All… option, double-click the file. This will open a window listing the files inside. Press Ctrl+A to select all the files, then drag them into a folder or onto your desktop. This will extract them, for sure.

What!? That doesn’t work either? You may be amongst the elite few who simply don’t have unzipping software built in to their PC. Easy to rectify: there are some free unzipping programs for windows such as Zipeg, 7-Zip, PeaZip and Hamster Free Zip.

How do I open .zip files on my iPhone/iPad?

Downloading  zip files on an iPhone/iPad can not be done with out app. We recommend, if possible, to do this on a computer. If it’s not possible however, there is a way of doing it.

Download the free app iZip and follow the instructions for installing and opening zip file. Click here to download iZip.

How do I get in touch with support?

If you have any questions regarding your purchase or download please contact [email protected] We will contact you within 24 hours, and hopefully sooner. We know how important it is that you put your success in our hands.

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