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Welcome To The Mindful Habit System

“This Program saved my marriage, got me to stop my porn addiction, and helped me create a great life.” John C. (MI)

This action oriented and goal centric system is an evolution of the disease based modality – men in over 23 countries have¬†used this system¬†to profoundly change their lives . . . to stop their compulsive sexual behavior, and most importantly to create great lives. I’ve been there and I know the way out.

WARNING: delete this app immediately if you are looking for a quick fix and won’t dedicate time to watching the videos, working through the eWorkbook, and doing the exercises.

Welcome my brother and thank you for sharing your journey with me. I look forward to profound life changes – so set the bar high and jump in. If you need more support you can purchase the entire System from right here in the app (coming soon) and you can also schedule time with me.

coach craig perraYour Brother in Your Journey,

Coach Craig

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