The Mindful Habit Workbook

Get Help With Your Sex and Porn Addiction Today and Take Back Your Life With the Mindful Habit Workbook. 

About The Book

The Mindful Habit System is a world renown program that helps men all over the world who suffer from sex and porn addictions. This workbook brings the power of that program directly to your hands, giving you the ability to implement these life-changing tools and get on the right track towards a better you. If you’re struggling, like so many others out there, then this workbook is the perfect way tog hold yourself accountable to change, and force you to focus on becoming aware of and breaking the habits that have brought you down.

The workbook begins with laying a foundation of awareness into your habits and addiction. After creating a baseline, you’ll begin the steps toward breaking your vicious cycle and mastering your triggers. From awareness to mastery, and everything in between, this workbook is the ultimate tool for those who are truly struggling with sex and porn, and are ready to take the proper steps toward a better life. You can’t break any aspect of yourself without understanding yourself first, and The Mindful Habit workbook is the perfect place to start. 

“If you’re struggling with porn and sex addiction, the Mindful Habit System is your chance to not only end those habits, but learn to replace all your negative habits with positive ones. It’s truly a lifeline – the best option available.” – Ben J



You'll Take Responsibility for Your Actions


A New Understanding of Your Addiction and How to Navigate it


An Appreciation for Goal Setting and its Importance


You'll Break This Cycle Once and For All


Powerful Insights Into the Root Causes of Your Addiction


Work To Stop Viewing the World Sexually and Objectively


You'll Create Your Relapse Action Plan


You'll Master the Power of Controlling Your Habits

A Message From Craig

My name is Craig Perra and I want to welcome you to The Mindful Habit System for men who struggle with sex and porn addiction.

In this workbook I will share with you the power of The Mindful Habit method and teach you how to maximize the return on investment you have made in this program. Our goal is to achieve rapid and profound change in your life, so please pay special attention to these instructions.

I am honored that you have chosen me to help you free from compulsive sexual behaviors and thus change your life. Like you, I have also struggled with sex addictions, pornography and compulsive sexual behaviors. I tried to do everything and nothing worked, I did not achieve success until I combined the power of the cycle of habits and “Mindfulness” or full consciousness, and began to actively seek a wonderful life through action. In this course I am going to show you the path to freedom, a path that will take you to harness your power of decision.



With over 33 chapters and 155 pages of useful content and exercises, the Mindful Habit Workbook will prove to be a vital tool in your journey to putting a stop to your addiction to sex and porn once and for all.

Great goal oriented program! It’s gets to the root of the issue and gives you practical steps and tasks to do to help you discover who you truly are! Craig is great and all the other coaches are great and are truly concerned about seeing you grow and be brought to wholeness as a person so that you can regain control your power of choice and live the life that you want too!


Craig and his team provide a no nonsense program for you to kick the habit and address your addiction. If you're willing to put in the work, you will be rewarded with an opportunity to turn things around and focus on the pursuit of a great life!


This is a great program that will help you get your mind in order. It has helped feel better about living a life keeping my addictive behaviors in check. Craig is hands on in helping you accomplish your goals. This program is a must !


Take Action Now And…

Take The First Step to Change

Every great outcome begins with the first step. There’s no better time than right now to take that first step, and begin the journey to a new and better you. Taking control of your addiction won’t happen until you begin the journey in the right direction.

Break Free From Addiction

Sex and porn addiction can consume the average person. It’s time to break free from that addiction, and become the person you were meant to be. Take control of your mind and habits, and free yourself from the addiction that’s been holding you back.

Get Your Life Back

When you break free, you’ll get your life back. When you can be mindful of every action you take, you’ll be able to take the right actions. Being free from addiction allows you to focus on being the best person you possibly can, every day going forward.

About the author.

Craig Perra, former sex and drug addict himself, is world renowned for transforming the lives of people struggling with sex & porn addiction.

With success stories and clients in over 27 countries and 6 continents, Craig has made his mark as the top coach for professionals, executives, personalities and men in need of fast results and changes for the sake of their sexuality and relationships.

Craig has been featured on a number of respected media outlets including The Katie Couric Show, Good Day Sacramento, The Steve Harvey Show and Lifetime TV.


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