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Here’s the reality – everyone forgets about the spouse. This is so unfair and I want to do something about it. You need help too. And here’s another reality, you can empower yourself to move forward and create the life you deserve with . . . or without your partner. 

You are in shock. You always knew something wasn’t right. You’ve suffered so much hurt and betrayal.

I know because it happened to me.

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Hello my friend, and welcome. I’m sorry that you’re here. I know why and it hurts my heart. I know because I’ve been there. I’m Michelle Perra, a Certified Professional Coach, and the survivor and thriver of my husband’s sex addiction and porn addiction. I look forward to learning more about you – so please call.

Until then, please get to know me better to see if you connect with me and my action based healing program. I’m not for everyone. Below is a clip of me when I first went on TV to talk about my challenges and opportunities. Meeting Anderson Cooper was very cool – and it was terrifying telling the world about something so many of us keep secret. Learn more about me and call to see if we are a match (916) 259-1232.

You can use this crisis to grow

in very powerful ways


  • Learn how to move forward
  • Create the life you deserve
  • Love yourself
  • Manage your emotions
  • Regain your footing
  • I know what you’re going though

How Am I Going to Move Forward?

When we are forced to suffer and move forward through our partner’s sex or porn addiction, we are often faced with the challenge of HOW to move forward?  I find that we can all use a little coaching, motivation, inspiration and action tools to help empower us to begin creating the life that WE want to live. Yes, part of that is dependent on our partner AND part of that depends on us.  


The reality is that the only thing we can control is ourselves…

And we need to know how to move past our trauma and live in the present moment to move forward and be happy in whatever way that looks. Moving forward and empowering ourselves helps us to make the best decisions that we can for us. These are invaluable life lessons and although this applies directly to the crisis that you are currently going through, this applies to most of life as well.   When faced with a crisis or a challenge …. How are you going to cope, learn from it, grow and change in awesome ways?


The truth is that you can use this opportunity to cope, learn, grow & change.

And I know right now, you just need help doing that. You need to learn real tools, techniques and positive thinking to help empower you …. I strive to empower my women and not let the circumstances in our lives suck the life out of us!  Life is too short for that!   I put together my 30 day program to help give partners some tools to help them cope in positive and empowering ways. If we want change it helps for us to also create change for ourselves and I know that all too well!  


Because I’ve been there…

Often, it helps to know that I have gone through it too, you are not alone and I know the path to finding happiness. Please don’t wait to call if you are struggling – my number is (916) 259-1232.

I Want to Help

Below is a video of the first time Craig and I appeared on TV together – The Katie Couric Show. A lot of people still can’t believe I’m out there sharing our stuff in this way, but the reality is that people are suffering. And I want to help you – it’s my life’s mission.

Watch the video and if you’re ready to start moving forward in a powerful way… or if your husband needs help, please call me at (916) 259-1232.

Who am I and How Can I Help You?


Michelle Perra is a Certified Professional Life Coach. She’s appeared on Anderson Cooper and has been featured in Bella Magazine. Her life is helping people connect with the life they know deep down inside is possible. Her personal story has touched millions and is living proof that a woman and couple can survive and thrive tough times and come out stronger and closer than ever.

Through her kind, compassionate and inspirational approach, Michelle empowers and motivates men, women, and couples to create the incredible life that they truly want to live.

“My life experience empowered me to find my voice, my happiness and my inner awesomeness.”


My Programs Are Not For Everyone

If you choose to work with me, below is a summary of what you are going to learn. My programs are structured, yet flexible enough to help you in a very powerful way. It’s this structure that ensures we are driving towards the results that you want to create.


I spent years spinning my wheels with therapists and counselors…

And I believe that we women have the incredible capacity to change and embrace a good life. Heck, we’ve been overcoming challenges since life began. Read below to see if you might be interested in the programs. If you are, please call me at (916) 259-1232 for a free consultation.


What you will learn:

  • How to start focusing on YOU and creating happiness in your life.
  • Learn how to create what you want through awareness, accountability and action.
  • How to manage your own triggers so that you can create security for yourself.
  • Get a handle on your emotions so that you can make the best decisions for you.
  • Using this new mindset to communicate effectively to help you get what you want.
  • Deepen your understanding of what you truly need and start creating that in your life.
  • All of this work will help you create more intimacy and connection in your relationship.


What is the structure of this program?

Everyone starts with my four week program – it doesn’t mean I don’t provide powerful support after that – I do – it’s just that it’s important for me to empower you to accomplish your goals and this isn’t done without a deadline. The four week program includes: 

  • Two sessions with me per week
  • Email support and text support
  • Emergency Support
  • Your husband gets a free 30 minute session with Craig
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