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If you're hesitant about sharing your addiction with others, this is for you. Our at-home, self-study program is a 100% private treatment alternative. One which empowers you to overcome your destructive habit without having to interact with anyone or others ever knowing about it.

Actionable Tools

This isn't just theory. Our secular/science-based program provides you with all the structure and tools you need to immediately start breaking the chains of addiction and reclaim control over your powerful sexual energy.

Amazing Value

Simply put, our self-study course provides the highest concentration of transformative guidance and information on the market. Within the program, you'll discover and benefit from the exact same philosophies, strategies and tools which are used in our $2,000 group course and $10,000 1-on-1 program … all for a mere fraction of the cost.

Click the video below to hear how my sex and porn addiction caused me to hit rock bottom...

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… and then not only break free of my devastating habits, BUT also build a world class recovery program!

Watch Craig Tackle Sex & Porn Addiction on the The Steve Harvey & Katie Couric Shows

They’ve lived this experience through and through.
With Craig’s video series and Michelle’s Partner’s Survival Guide, every couple experiencing the challenge of porn or sex addiction can overcome this and take the steps down a new path.

With Our Self-Study Course,You'll Gain:

Self Control

Bad habits can ruin your relationships, your career, and your sense of well-being. Our program shows you how to employ mindfulness and habit based tools to reprogram your subconscious - empowering you to respond to emotional triggers related to your sex/porn addiction in a healthy, constructive way.


If you suffer from addiction, odds are you're haunted by your past - harming your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and driving you towards destructive behaviors. The Mindful Habit® Self-Study program uncovers these nagging unconscious triggers, freeing you from such unpleasant past events and elevating your EQ so you can live a happy, productive, and peaceful life.

Your Unmet

Your negative behaviors are rooted in what's known as your 'unmet needs' - i.e. you're filling an emotional void with poison. This program teaches you how to identify these needs and replace the poison with healthy, life-changing habits.

Discover A
Healthy Sexuality

Your sexual energy is powerful stuff. But in order for it to be a benefit (not a negative), it must be harnessed through healthy belief systems and actions. This program shows you exactly how to do that.


Relapse can be more emotionally devastating than the initial condition. In this program you'll be shown how to create the sort of long-term results which stand up to life's inevitable challenges, keeping you on a smooth track of success.

Beyond the
12-Step Approach

The common disease based addiction model is limited by its focus on symptoms. Our program goes beyond the symptoms, straight to the root cause of your addiction - this is what creates true life altering change.

Arm Yourself With
Tools to Succeed

Learning in 'quiet comfort' is one thing, but being able to successfully apply our teachings in day-to-day life is another. You'll master critical "life-hacking" tools - tools which give you the ability and confidence to quickly diffuse the distracting triggers, failures, challenges, obsessive sexual desire and negative self-talk which cause havoc in your life.

Your Brighter

The key to feeling great again is the psychological freedom to pursue a rewarding life. Through our step-by-step course, you'll be able to escape the emotional chains of sex and porn addiction, allowing you to once again truly experience the joy of healthy relationships, a successful career, and simple day-to-day living.

Expert Reviews:

. . . Craig’s program works, it helps my clients stop negative behaviors, and then move toward a more fulfilling life. It provides them with tools that they can use immediately in their lives, tools that can carry over into any behavior that is negatively impacting their lives.
The system that Craig has developed is so versatile that it has increased my effectiveness as a counsellor by more than 100%. It is clear to understand and easily adaptable to any client in pornography as well as any other addictive behavior…

You're the Captain of Your Own life, so why suffer feeling out-of-control any longer?

You're the Captain of Your Own life,
so why suffer feeling out-of-control any longer?



you see, we know it's a bit tough to get out and do stuff right now, but at the mindful habit® Self-Study, we believe when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! so we're currently offering... ​


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Client's call The Mindful Habit's Self-Study Course "powerful", "transformative", and "life-changing".

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The Life-Changing Guidance You'll Receive
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  • The entire Mindful Habit® Self-Study System (35 videos) - this is the exact same system taught to Craig's personal clients (some of whom pay in excess of $10,000 for the 1-on-1 program).
  • A step-by-step guide designed to improve your self control, elevate self awareness, create a healthier sexuality and help ensure long-term success
  • An Actionable Workbook - within the guide, you'll gain access to 175 pages of tools, teachings & techniques you can immediately start to implement to transform your psyche and change your life.
  • 40+ exercises - you'll also be able to test what you've learned so you can better apply the system to real-life
  • A FREE survival guide for your spouse (10 things your spouse can do RIGHT NOW to help them through the process)

Join the Mindful Habit® Self-Study
Online Video Program

Join the Mindful Habit® Self-Study Online Video Program

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