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Porn & Sex Addiction Online Programs

Recovery AND a Great Life Without Leaving Your House

I work with men who have created some level of success in life, like you. The only problem is, that despite your incredible potential, you find yourself stuck in the vicious cycle of a sex or porn addiction – and you can’t break free.

Your life, family, and entire being is screaming for a change and YOU are ready.

With my signature and revolutionary approach, The Mindful Habit® System’s Group Coaching Program, you can create healthy sexuality and a great life fast.

Do You Have A Sex Or Porn Addiction?

  • Is your sexual behavior unhealthy and out of control?
  • Has your sexual behavior become your primary numbing, coping and escaping strategy?
  • Do you find yourself saying yes to things you no longer want to do?
  • Are you watching porn at work?
  • Is your sexual behavior getting in the way of you being the best version of yourself?
  • Does your sexual behavior affect other areas of your life, like your relationships, career, or finances?
  • Are you watching porn that is inconsistent with the man you want to be?
  • Are you engaging in risky sexual behaviors?
  • Do you need to “get off” before you can function in real life?
  • Do you keep your porn use or sexual activity a secret from your partner?
  • Do you plan your day around your porn use or other sexual activities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,then it’s time for you to take action.

Sex should be a force of power, strength, pleasure and freedom for men – not SLAVERY!

What If You Were Able To:

*Be free from your addiction

* Create a great life

* Experience healthy sexuality

* Learn valuable tools to save your relationship

* Be the better man you truly want to be


* Develop a system that empowers you to create long-term, sustainable results

* Get incredible support (from highly trained, world-renowned Mindful Habit® coaches who have all struggled with compulsive sexual behavior)

* Connect with other men who face the same challenges that you are going through

How can I be so sure these results
are possible for you?

Because I’m one of you.

I personally struggled with sex addiction
and porn addiction starting when I was 8 years old.

I sank so low I tried to kill myself.

I almost lost my wife and kids.

I lost a six-figure job

Before I became a successful life coach and founded The Mindful Habit® System, before the clients in 24 countries, before my appearances on The Steve Harvey show, The Katie Couric show, and Lifetime TV … I struggled for years with sex and porn addiction (along with other addictions) that began when I was 8 years old. At the age of 39 I hit a new low, got fired from an executive role at a billion dollar U.S. Company and tried to kill myself.

I almost threw everything away – an incredible marriage and family … for sex.

But instead of taking my own life, I decided to save it. Hitting rock bottom forced me to challenge the traditional recovery modalities that had simply not worked for me in the past. I would always find myself slipping back into old patterns & behaviors – and each time they’d be even worse than before.

Traditional 12 step programs, the disease based model of addiction, and traditional therapy simply did not work. I knew that there just had to be better ways to free myself once and for all from my addiction.

And what I learned would forever change my life, and the lives of thousands of men all over the world [insert image saying “The Mindful Habit System has a 5 Star – Excellent Rating on TrustPilot based upon over 100 verified reviews.” My repeated failures, frustrations and an obsessive desire to finally create a great life, ultimately gave birth to The Mindful Habit® System. And it is my life’s mission to share it with you.

My repeated failures, frustrations and an obsessive desire to finally create a great life, ultimately gave birth to The Mindful Habit® System. And it is my life’s mission to share it with you.

What you need to know about
sex addiction and porn addiction:

  • Sex/porn addiction isn’t a recognized medical health disorder.
  • The acting out behavior is the symptom, never the root cause, and it must be treated accordingly
  • American Psychiatric Association explicitly and repeatedly rejected the disease based model of addiction as a way to treat compulsive and unhealthy sexual behavior.
  • There is zero data demonstrating the effectiveness of the disease based model to create healthy sexuality and a great life.
  • There is a new world of science around habits, mindfulness and success, that when combined in the right way, can produce powerful and permanent results.

Clients have said that three weeks with me were more powerful than years of therapy. Healing doesn’t have to take years.


After decades of addiction having the habits and learning the tools, and teachings necessary to defeat porn or sex addiction and create a great life.

After decades of shame, secrecy and having sex be something healthy in your life.

Waking up each day knowing your life is in a better place.

Developing the tools to get to a place where you can express your sexual needs to your partner with no guilt or shame.

Helping your family heal and grow from the pain your addiction has caused.

Being able to understand and express your needs in a healthy way.

Immediately being able to put tools into action and start making the final lifestyle changes you crave.

After decades of underachievement, finally realizing your full potential and no longer being a slave to your urges

Being an awakened, sexually conscious man, embracing all the gifts that life has to offer.

The Mindful Habit® System represents an evolution in the treatment for sex addiction and porn addiction.

And step by step, week by week, it will lead you to control your sexual urges, and channel them into
creating powerful new habits so you finally realize and embrace your true potential as a man.

Why The Mindful Habit System over traditional therapy?

The answer is simple, because it works fast, it’s rooted in the science of habits, mindfulness, and success … and traditional is outdated, slow, antiquated and inefficient.

* Let’s face it, the current model to overcome any addiction is over 80 years old.

* There is no data supporting the effectiveness of the 12 Step/disease based model to create healthy sexuality.

* The leading association of sexual health counselors and therapists (since 1967) said using the disease based model to treat compulsive sexual behavior is NEGLIGENT. [insert pop up image of text from website]

* Science changes every day. What worked before may not be good enough for today’s society.

We’ve been so successful driving change rapidly that we now train counselors, therapists, and other coaches how to deliver The Mindful Habit® System to their clients (click here if you are interested in becoming a Certified Mindful Habit® Coach).

If you want change fast, and you want that change to be sustainable, you are in the right place.

Stats show that as many as 75-95% of people struggle with addiction again using the disease based 12 Step Model.

Why trust your life to an antiquated, one-dimensional, system? Instead, The Mindful Habit® System is an action oriented and goal centric behavior change system rooted in the science of habits, mindfulness, and success.

With over 100 certified reviews from clients in 25 countries worldwide, we have a 9.5/10 “Excellent” rating on TrustPilot.

We’ve been so successful driving change rapidly that we now train counselors, therapists, and other coaches how to deliver The Mindful Habit® System to their clients (click here if you are interested in becoming a Certified Mindful Habit® Coach).

You will learn a system designed to counterbalance the following realities that are keeping you stuck:

Your triggers are biologically hardwired – your triggers cannot be eliminated. If you think there’s some system out there that going to forever eliminate your sexual pull you’re nuts. You will reduce them, but they are NOT going away. The Mindful Habit System teaches you mastery over your triggers so you actually use them to create positive results – instead of the habits you’ve created over the past decades.

Your negative self talk and negative thoughts are the results of decades of programming. This means they aren’t going away overnight so The Mindful Habit System using powerful habit and mindfulness techniques teaches you to change your relationship with your thoughts so they no longer rule you.

Your major psychological belief systems are wired in you by the time you are 12 years old – this means you are operating from faulty “programming” – the source code of your being, how you react to reality, is corrupted. The Mindful Habit System, helps you heal from past traumas and to use the data you collect regarding  your “programming” to identify your true unmet needs so so you can get them met in a healthy way. Clients have called 3 weeks with me more powerful than years of therapy. Healing doesn’t have to take years.

*  Life is hard – your life is full of risks and challenges, but unlike even a mediocre business, you have no systems, plans, tools, or techniques in place to manage the harsh realities of life. The Mindful Habit System teaches you to build what we call your own “Personal Infrastructure” – a structured way of living – to produce long term sustainable results.

To sum it all up, with the Mindful Habit® Online Group Coaching Program for Sex and Porn Addicts, you will learn how to:

  • Transform your powerful sexual energy into creating a great life
  • Use metrics to eliminate compulsive behavior, accomplish goals, and drive results
  • Master your habit cycle and use tools to “hack” or interrupt your compulsions
  • Move past historical traumas and other drivers of your compulsive behavior
  • Use your biologically hardwired triggers to drive positive actions
  • Retrain your mind to naturally and automatically eliminate the urge to watch porn and instead… choose habits that make healthy choices a priority
  • And you can do it in the comfort of your own home and office.
  • Define and create healthy sexuality and intimacy in your life
  • Master powerful mindfulness techniques to reduce compulsive cravings and increase well being
  • Create a structured life plan to capture the life you want
  • Learn real tools and techniques to “hack” or disrupt your habit/addiction cycle
  • Systematically own your s%!# – be accountable for your actions instead of making excuses for them
  • Control your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS so you WANT to do something more productive
  • Create mission critical “infrastructure” in your life, just like successful companies do, to make your freedom permanent
  • Use the latest goal setting techniques to move you towards the life you want
  • Master your triggers and no longer be a slave to them
  • You don’t have to leave home, spend money on counseling, wait in a waiting room, engage with inefficient methods that don’t produce results fast, be stuck in traffic, and take any more time away from your family than necessary.
  • The Mindful Habit® Group Coaching Program has everything you need to create lasting change in your life fast.

Don’t lose it all when you have a choice

Don’t let the traditional models continue to fail you

Get Started NOW with the Mindful Habit

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Get Started NOW with the Mindful Habit

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FAQs: Got Questions? I Got Answers

Does this program replace therapy?
For the overwhelming majority of clients who join this program, the answer is yes. The Mindful Habit® contains everything you need to break free from your compulsive sexual behavior and create a great life. The program is intense and requires you to work so it’s best that you focus your efforts here. That being said, a few clients supplement their work with a local therapist and/or 12 Step Meetings and that’s totally fine. It’s up to you to do what works for you.
What happens after I sign up?
After you sign up, you will receive an email with all the information you need to login to the platform to start.
How long do I have access to the program for?
For life. Mine. As long as I’m breathing you have access to the entire program including the forum and the 24 group coaching calls we host per month.
How long does it take to complete the training?
It takes men on average 16 weeks to complete the formal structured training. The average length of time clients actively participate in the program (group calls and forum) is 10 months. The good news is that you have lifetime access
How Do I Use the product long term?
Because you have lifetime access, we recommend that you regularly participate in the group coaching calls and on the forum. These are powerful ways to keep healthy sexuality and your pursuit of a great life front and center. Lots of men continue to participate in the calls years after sign up.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes, we offer a 30 day unconditional no questions asked money back guarantee. We are building a powerful community of men who want change fast and this means we need men who connect with the material and want to work to change their lives. If this program isn’t for you, that’s ok. You get your money back.
I’m not too tech saavy, is it hard to understand the system and how do I access the calls?
You will find the system to be quite intiutive as it’s been evolving over the course of the past 3 years getting better and better.

Get Started NOW with the Mindful Habit

Pay in full

Payment plan option

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