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Watch the Video & Download 2 Free Ebooks

Hello My Friend,

On this page you can watch my Golden Rule of Behavior Modification video and download two free ebooks – The Partners’ Survival Guide and “5 Secrets” to Improve Your Relationship Now. Click on the icons to download your free books. 


The Golden Rule of Behavior Modification – One Tool & One Technique

In the video below you will learn one powerful teaching and one powerful tool that can aggressively move you towards the life you want. You will learn:

  • The Golden Rule of Behavior Modification – you MUST know this if you are struggling with porn addiction and sex addiction
  • And techniques to use this rule right now to drive change to end your sex or porn addiction
  • How to use a common household item to hack your habit cycle and drive powerful change fast

Partners Survival Guide

Click on the red heart above or here to download your book – I want you to know that his book speaks from a place of empowerment – and I just want to make clear that this does not diminish your pain and trauma. It supports it.

5 Couples Tips

This book is about ACTION-doing something to improve your plight. We share dozens of powerful tips, teachings, and exercises to use right now to improve your marriage immediately. Click here or on the icon above. 

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