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Our powerful and world-renowned programs help you break free from your sex and porn addiction. We empower you to create a better life and support rapid growth and change.

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$499 or 3 Monthly Payments of $185

16 Weeks

Take the power of The Mindful Habit System® wherever you go or stay with an internet connection. You can access life changing content, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home, via an extensive video library and other tools.


$3,800 or 3 Payments of $1,350

16 Weeks

Our MOST POPULAR program. Get the strength of Craig, his team, and his system without the high expense of one on one. Create massive results from the comfort of your home. SPOUSE SUPPORT included. For the man who needs massive results quickly.


$18,000 or 3 Payments of $6,350

12 Weeks

Clients have called the program “revolutionary,” “life-changing,” and “more powerful than years of therapy.” Craig has an innate gift for exposing blind spots that remain hidden despite years of therapy and rehab. Subject to availability.

Backed By Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


This budget-friendly option is for the man who wants a structured path to follow and is not in a crisis. With this program, you get the EXACT same System, lessons, and exercises that clients pay $thousands for. Learn self-control, emotional intelligence, healthy sexuality and how to harness your purpose to create the outcome of healthy sexuality, a healthy relationship and a great life. You also get your questions answered by a Mindful Habit Coach in a webinar so you are not alone..


  • 34 Video Lessons
  • Access to our Weekly Webinar Q&A Series – Where you have the opportunity to ask questions to a TMH Coach
  • Digital Copy Of The Mindful Habit Workbook
  • Additional Exercises To Help You Apply The Teachings
  • Bonus #1 – Partner Survival Guide
  • Bonus #2 – Access to Occasional Special-Event Webinars by Coach Craig Perra


  • This is our most popular program for the man who must get results quickly, and/or needs to save his relationship. If you are a fit for this program, expect to harness the power of our expertise, plus accountability, and community to radically change your life. For single and married men, you will traverse a structured path to increase your self-control, understand your why, to create healthy sexuality and build a system to sustain long-term growth. And if you’re in a relationship she gets powerful help too. 


  • Intensive Training – Videos, Workbook, Exercises
  • Expert Advice and Community – 5+ Group Coaching Calls per week
  • Weekly Mindfulness Masterclass led by Coach Craig
  • Daily Support in a Private Community Forum
  • Assignment Feedback on all of your completed assignments
  • 1-on-1 Onboarding Session with a Certified Mindful Habit Coach
  • 1-on-1 Deep Dive Session with Coach Craig
  • Long Term Support Available– Monthly renewal options available after completion of the 16 Week Program
  • Partner Support – Partner gets Two Free Months in the Partner Program


Craig has changed the lives of titans, legends, and icons. You are literally guaranteed a massively transformative experience. You will go deeper, quicker, in a practical way that you will confidently know that you are getting great value. You know BS when you see it and you will see and experience great!!! He is a master at his craft and is not a . Craig’s availability is limited so make sure you research the Group Intensive (it’s awesome!) and please keep an open mind regarding the Group. 


  • Intensive Personal 12-Week Training with Coach Craig
  • 2 Breakthrough Sessions Per Week – 1 full session and a mid-week check-in
  • Phone, Text and Email Support between session support as needed
  • Expert Advice from someone who’s been in your shoes
  • 3 Months Free Partner Support for her in our Partner Program
  • 175 Page Hardcover Workbook to assist in lessons and exercises
  • Long Term Support Available – 6 month access to our Community and Group Coaching Program after completion of the 16 week intensive

Real People. Real Results. Real Reviews.



$499 or 3 Monthly Payments of $185

  • 34 Video Lessons
  • Access to our brand new regular Webinar series with TMH coaches
  • Digital Copy of the Mindful Habit Workbook
  • Additional Exercises To Help You Apply The Teachings
  • Bonus #1 – Partner Survival Guide
  • Bonus #2 – Access to Occasional Special-Event Webinars by Coach Craig Perra


$3,800 or 3 Payments of $1,350

  • 34 Video Lessons
  • Digital Copy of the Mindful Habit Workbook
  • Intensive Training
  • 5+ Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Expert Advice
  • Community Forum
  • Partner Support Included
  • Three 1-on-1 Sessions with a TMH Coach
  • Our Group Coaching Intensive offers the same core lessons as the Core Training, but with far more support for those that need the additional assistance and accountability.


$18,000 or 3 Payments of $6,350

  • Personal 12 Week Training
  • 2 Sessions Each Week
  • Crisis Support Available Between Lessons
  • Long Term Support Available
  • Partner Support Included

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It’s Time To Get On The Right Path With The Mindful Habit System

The Mindful Habit® delivers a powerful behavior change system to help clients quickly create the change that they need in their life. This is done by aggressively targeting these four specific areas:

Self Control

Learn to respond in a healthy way to your biologically hardwired emotional and sexual triggers so you have self control in all areas.

Emotional Intelligence

Understand the true root cause of your addiction and learn to get your critical unmet needs met in a healthy, constructive way.

Healthy Sexuality

Use your rapid growth to create an honest, authentic, safe, connected and exciting relationship and repair the damage you created.

Long Term Success

Eliminate the factors thwarting your long term success by implementing a system to keep you moving towards your goals long term.

There’s no better time than right now to break free from the chains that have kept you down. With our 30-day money back guarantee, there’s no risk in trying our world-renowned program designed to help people like yourself reclaim their lives and sustain success.  

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