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Join My Powerful Online Program for $1.00 U.S.D.

Clients have called this system “Revolutionary” and “Life Changing” – it includes:

Video Lessons

35+ high quality inspirational, motivational, and action-oriented videos containing the complete Mindful Habit Program accompanied with text summaries and exercises. 

1-on-1 Session with Me

Get started in a powerful way with a 15 minute consultation with me – you will learn how to best take this program and maximize your results. 

2 Weekly Support Calls

Two (2) weekly accountability group coaching calls hosted by me. Learn new important techniques, hold yourself accountable, connect with other men, stay on track, and ask me questions. 

Community Forum

Me and my other Coaches – personally trained by me – will inspire you to hit your goals and support other members on your journey.

40 Exercises

You must incorporate the tools you learn into your life. You have to live them. You get over 40 exercises in this program that teach and reinforce critical concepts and empower you to take action. 

Money Back Guarantee

Unconditional, no questions asked money back guarantee. Set the bar high – if you’re not on track to profoundly changing your life in 21 days, you get your money back. 

This course is simply great. I know how porn use was destroying my life. I used to cancel important social events and friendly hangouts just to stay home and watch porn … But no more. 

In short, Life is great. And I have Craig to thank for it.

Zihad H.

You will learn how to:

  • Transform your powerful sexual energy into creating a great life
  • Use metrics to eliminate compulsive behavior, accomplish goals, and drive results
  • Master your habit cycle and use tools to “hack” or interrupt your compulsions
  • Use your biologically hard wired triggers to drive positive actions
  • Move past historical traumas and other drivers of your compulsive behavior
  • Define and create healthy sexuality and intimacy in your life
  • Master powerful mindfulness techniques to reduce compulsive cravings and increase well being
  • Create a structured life plan to capture the life you want 
  • Learn real tools and techniques to “hack” or disrupt your habit/addiction cycle
  • Create mission critical “infrastructure” in your life, just like successful companies do, to make your freedom permanent
  • Use the latest goal setting techniques to move you towards the life you want
  • Master your triggers and no longer be a slave to them
  • Embrace your power of choice


I strongly recommend this program to anyone who suffers from sex addiction to contact Coach Craig. There are many magic tools and techniques that he taught me.

[His program] is not only good to get out from sex addiction but to improve all aspect of your life, it’s just great.

And in a short period of time my life has been changed dramatically, and now seriously, I feel the peace and calm inside me that I never knew existed.

Adrian T

I loved your program. The concept of mindfulness was something I was already bringing into my life through meditation and a greater focus on spirituality, but with your guidance I was able to turn this concept towards my recovery from compulsive sexual behaviour and pursue the life I truly want to live.

I got a lot out of it. Your videos were inspiring, motivational, and empowering. Your words have truly helped me embrace my power of choice and recognize where my failures have been in the past.

Using the Mindful Habit modality, I have gone 4 weeks without watching porn. 4 weeks! That is huge for me!

I had tried therapy. I had tried 12 step programs. Your program was the biggest help. I still have the text documents from your program and I will continue to use them as a guide for a better life.

Chris G.

How much does it cost?

 $49.00 per month – cancel anytime

21 day money back guarantee

Use Coupon Code “Discount” to get your first month for $1.00

Yes Craig, I’m Ready…

To learn your incredible skills

To embrace my power of choice

To create the life I want and deserve

To break free from compulsive sexual behavior

buy now sex and porn addiction online program


I’ve had over 20 years of this shit, with only 1 small window of light in the middle – The Mindful Habit is the only thing that has ever made any concrete sense, and now I see the real light at the end of a fucking heinous tunnel.

Grateful to you also for not treating me like a victim, an idiot or a patient and for actually really listening to my story. Your down to earth, real approach is refreshing and so validating that it’s encouraging the whole process.

So I’ll just have to say it three times, thank you thank you thank you !!

I have a renewed vigilance, not just to overcome my sexual trauma and compulsive behavior, but to succeed at life in all facets.

Thank God for you, your family and The Mindful Habit.

Peter R