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Solutions to Create Healthy Sexuality

And End Sex & Porn Addiction

Hello My Friend, it’s Craig and below I want to share with you a summary description of the various Mindful Habit products and services I created to help you get free. There’s a Mindful Habit solution for everyone seeking a great life free of sex addiction and porn addiction – regardless of budget. I think you’ll find the help you need below. Craig Perra, C.P.C., J.D.

Professional Life Coach, The Mindful Habit®

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Group Coaching 

This online video based recovery program saves lives, marriages, and careers. 

  • Confidential & Anonymous
  • Seven powerful weekly support group calls
  • A 1-on-1 Private Phone Session with me, Craig Perra
  • A Complete 35 Part Video Learning System (4+ hours)
  • 175 page workbook, including 40+ Exercises
  • An Exclusive Private Community Forum 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Long Term Support

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Personal Coaching 

Create healthy sexuality, end compulsive sexual behaviors, and create a great life fast with an action oriented, goal centric, and science based program – worldwide via phone and Skype and locally in Roseville, CA. 

  • Stay at Home “Inpatient” Intensive
  • 90 Day Programs
  • Couples Coaching

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Partner Empowerment

When we are forced to suffer and move forward through our partner’s sex or porn addiction, we are often faced with the challenge of HOW to move forward?  Coach Tara knows, she was there. We created a powerful program that empowers partners to move forward in powerful ways. 

  • 3 Weekly Group Calls
  • Worksheets, exercises and step by step plan to regain control
  • Exercises and tools to help YOU

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Home Study Program 

You get the entire Mindful Habit System to master on your terms … on the road, at home, your call – powerful coaching that will teach you a new way of self-mastery and sexual health. 

  • Guided lessons, teachings, tools and techniques
  • 175 Page Workbook 
  • 33 Coaching Lessons (4+ Hours of High Quality Audio Files)
  • 40 Exercises
  • Powerful 16 Week Program

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Enhanced Accountability Program

Personal – One on One Accountability and Action based Coaching – $299.00 per month:

  • One-on-one Skype coaching session (15 minutes), every other week, with Coach Adrian
  • Your own personal accountability partner to monitor web activities (Covenant Eyes)
  • Coaching sessions designed to drive accountability and results
  • Email support – up to 3 e-mails per week

Price : $299.00 per month (payable monthly and you can stop anytime).

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Action Oriented

This action oriented and goal centric program drives results fast. Learn real life tools and techniques to break you free from addictive behavior and move forward in a structured way.


Profoundly change your life and never leave your home or office. Available anywhere in the world with a phone or computer. Don’t waste your time in a waiting room or in traffic.


This powerful combination of the science of the habit cycle, mindfulness and action drives change fast. Learn to hack your habit cycle and embrace your power of choice.


Dynamic program offered in several ways to fit many different budgets. Access programs through an online course, audio mp3s or powerful one-on-one coaching. Prices start as low as $119 per month.


All testimonials are from real clients and edited for spelling and grammar only.

I’ve worked with Craig for the last 12 weeks, and I have seen a dramatic change in my perspective on life, an increased sense of self worth, and an overall healthier lifestyle.

When I started working with Craig, I was battling years of compulsive sexual habits. Preventing myself from falling back into old habits was a daily struggle despite seeing a sex therapist. Craig taught me a series of tools that allowed me to control unhealthy sexual urges, and channel that energy into more positive outlets.

Craig was a valuable resource toward improving the quality of my life and my relationships.

John C.

Commercial Airline Pilot

Craig was a amazing coach and friend when I needed it the most. I had struggled with internet and porn addiction for many years. I’m so glad that I finally reached out to Craig to get the extra help and support that I needed. Step by step Craig showed me awesome techniques to finally beat my addiction.

He also, helped me with so many other areas of my life. I will be ever thankful for him.

Craig showed me the power of choice!

Mark L.


I can’t speak highly enough about Craig and the work he has done with me. He has created a wonderful program based on the latest science and refined with years of experience. I spent the better part of a year trying to build a program myself and finally found success when I reached out to Craig. I am at a great point in my life personally as well as with my wife and continue to push that forward.

What I appreciated most about Craig’s approach was his desire to make himself disposable as quickly as possible–I mean that in the best possible way. He cared immensely in equipping me with the right tools and mindset to serve me for the rest of my life. That desire coupled with his constant support have made a world of difference. I thank God for pointing me in the direction of Craig. If you are struggling, do your self a favor and call him!

Tom L.

Business Owner

Working on a weekly basis with Craig has allowed me to build an amazing foundation and set of tools to live the life I want to live. Being accountable on a weekly basis over the past few months has been key. I have tried to change my behavior for over a decade with failure after failure.  The difference this time is I feel like I’m moving toward a new life rather than slipping back to the old.  I did that countless times.  If you are fortunate enough to get to this site and want to change you have found a great program to assist you. Michael T.


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