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The Mindful Habit System


About Our Programs

The Mindful Habit® System is an evidence-based behavior modification system designed to rapidly increase self-control, emotional intelligence, healthy sexuality, the quality of your relationships and your life. It’s very different from the antiquated, unchanged and disease-based model of addiction, which is an 85+ year-old program invented to treat alcohol addiction.

Free Training

The 4 Transformational Shifts You MUST Make to End Your Sex and Porn Addiction…
And to Create a Great Life 

Online Group Coaching

This powerful program is for men who either can’t afford one on one coaching or don’t need that level on intensity. The Online Program will empower you to create massive results from the comfort of your home. You get expert advice, a structured path (the same one my one on one clients get), community, and long term support.

Self Study Video Program

The Mindful Habit® System delivers a powerful behavior change system to help clients quickly create the change that they need in their life. This is done through creating a high level of self-control, emotional intelligence, emotional intimacy and long-term success. 

1-on-1 Intensive Coaching

The Mindful Habit’s 1-on-1 coaching program is powerful, transformative, and works quickly. It is literally guaranteed to be the most impactful experience of your life or you get your money back within 30 days. Clients have called the program “revolutionary,” “life-changing,” and “more powerful than years of therapy.” Craig has an innate gift for exposing blindspots that remain hidden despite years of therapy.

Partner Empowerment Program

Women need support while navigating this path with their partners. That’s why we include free partner support when you sign up for Craig’s One on One or Group Coaching programs. Partner’s love the sense of community they finally have and call the program “relationship saving,” “life-changing,” and a “miracle.”

Time For You To Take Control

It’s not always as simple as signing up and transforming years worth of habits and mindset. That’s why Craig Perra has created a free training video for you to get a feel of what The Mindful Habit System has to offer you. 

A Message From Craig Perra

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Founder of The Mindful Habit

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