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How to Stop Porn From Ruining Your Life…

 Here’s the True Story of How I Went from Almost Losing my Wife, Kids, and 6- Figure Job… to Ending my Porn Addiction and Creating a Great Life Where I’m Happier and More Productive Than Ever!

 And I guarantee  you can get the same incredible results. In fact, I’ll prove you can quickly and permanently end your porn addiction right from the comfort of your own home…. guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

world's best sex and porn addiction coachHave there been times in your life where porn caused serious problems in your daily life?

If so, I completely understand because I’ve been there… but more importantly, I learned how to break free from the grasp porn had on me. 

Let’s not kid ourselves… sex is one of THE most powerful forces in human nature. 

And because it’s so powerful… if your attention and focus on unhealthy sex becomes too encompassing… it can cause some serious issues in your life. 

Your relationship with your wife is affected.  Or if you’re not married… your girlfriend. Or maybe you can’t get a girlfriend. Your relationship with your kids isn’t what it should be.

Your work performance suffers. You neglect your hobbies.

If porn is causing you to lose time with your family or time spent working on your job or business… or it’s causing you to miss out on the activities you enjoy…

Believe Me… I’ve Been there!

Before I knew it, porn was taking up more and more of my free time… to the point where I was spending SEVERAL hours a day watching hardcore porn. 

In fact, this powerful sexual urge even drove me to find sex outside of my marriage. 

Believe me, it pains me to say that and I’m ashamed of it now. But I want to be honest with you. I was a liar and a cheat.

My wife resented the fact that I’d choose porn over spending time with her. I spent less time with my kids as well. I wasn’t there during their games or school activities.

Instead of taking nice walks with my family after dinner… I’d sit and watch porn. Or instead of going into my son’s room to see how his day went… I watched porn!  

I was choosing pixels on a screen over important people in my family I loved.  Instead of reading a book to my kids.. or instead of snuggling up with my wife…

I Chose a Cold, Lifeless Video!

I look back on it now and it’s painful to think how much time I spent away from the people who REALLY mattered to me.

And instead of spending time trying to get ahead in my career… I was squandering my time watching porn… underachieving and never reaching my true potential.

Not only was I wasting time on an activity that wasn’t producing income for me and my family, it took away time I could have been spending with them.

And even though I’d feel ashamed of the time I was spending surfing porn…. as well as EMBARRASSED of some of the stuff I was watching… I couldn’t break free. 

But let me tell you what’s important about all of this.

You Can END Your Addiction and Break Free!

And you can do it BEFORE you lose your wife, your kids, your job, and everything else that truly matters to you in your life.

Sure, you may THINK that porn is an important part of your life… but are you willing to get a divorce over it? Are you willing to negatively affect the relationship you have with your kids?

Are you willing to put your job or career on the line for it? You may say “no” to these now. But maybe you’re still in control and porn isn’t interfering in all areas of your life yet.

But believe me, the obsession can creep up on you fast. Before you know it… more of your time is spent watching porn. Even though you keep telling yourself “tomorrow I’m done… this is the last time”.

Guess what? Tomorrow comes and you’re back watching porn. THAT is the power that sex and porn can have over us.

Even when you KNOW you shouldn’t be doing it… it’s too powerful to resist. 

And if there’s one thing I learned when I was going through my struggle with sex and porn addiction.. it’s that there are times when you are in just WAY too deep over your head and you just need to get outside help. Because obviously, what you’re doing isn’t working.

But It’s Tough to Break Free Without help…

Again, that’s the power of sexual energy… and the fact is it can often make you do things that you previously told yourself “Nah, I won’t do that again” 

Well, soon you ARE doing it again. THAT is how powerful this can be. And the problem is… it can interfere with every part of your life and become way worse than negative distraction.

Look, I can tell you from personal experience… if porn is taking time away from your kids or wife, that’s a problem. If it’s negatively affecting your work performance… to the point where it’s costing you money, promotion opportunities, or even your job… that’s a problem.

If porn is something you look forward to… and after you’re done you feel guilty about it that’s a problem.

If you keep telling yourself “I’ll stop tomorrow”… and yet you can’t quit no matter how hard you try… that’s a problem. If you’re watching porn that’s making you feel ashamed… and you feel disgusted with yourself because of the kind of porn you’re watching… that’s a problem.

If you’re watching porn at work or watching porn on work provided equipment and risking immediate termination… that’s a problem.

If porn is making it so you can’t perform with your wife and you can’t orgasm without resorting to a porn fantasy. . . that’s a problem. If hardcore, graphic porn is making it so you almost feel desensitized to regular sex and you feel like you need hardcore sex to get off… that’s a BIG problem.

BUT regardless of the problems porn is causing… I’m here to show you that you have the POWER to end your addiction and take control of your life.

It’s true… you can now get help right from the comfort of home… without the high cost of expensive therapy or counseling. 

You Just Need some Proven Techniques and a Path

How would it feel to have 10 to 20 extra hours a week to spend more time with your wife and kids, or see friends and family?

Or build that side business you want to start… or work towards that promotion. How would it feel to have more time to do the things you want to do… whether it’s a hobby like golf or working out, or it’s time hanging with your friends playing music?

And how would it feel to not have to keep lying to yourself over and over, telling yourself that you’ll stop… then feeling guilty when you find yourself on your favorite porn site.

Imagine spending your days doing what YOU want …living each day on your OWN TERMS… without having to worry about porn trying to lure you back to your old habits.

Can you imagine how much better your life will be when you’re taking the time you’re giving to porn right now and instead… dedicating it to your relationships, your job and your family?  

You’re Life will Be Amazing in ALL Areas!

Look, if there are parts of your life… like work or your family or your health… that just aren’t working as well as they COULD be and you feel like your addiction to porn is the reason… I can give you proven-effective techniques I used to break free from porn.

These days, my marriage is better than ever, my coaching practice is international and better than ever, and the relationship with my kids is happy, loving, and full of joy. It doesn’t take expensive counseling or therapy either.

Right from the comfort of home, on YOUR time, you can break free from your porn addiction.

Your life will improve by leaps and bounds as you’re spending more time with your wife and connecting with her on a deeper, more emotional and romantic level.  

Your relationship with your kids is better than ever… as you’re spending more time with them, playing ball, going to the beach, taking them to the movies, and doing all the fun things you couldn’t do when porn was occupying so much of your time.

ou’re putting more time in at the office and bringing home more money because of your increased production. Your business is better than it’s ever been.

Believe me,  your life can be so much better and it can happen fast.

It’s Just Tough to Get there Without Some Help…

That’s because you just don’t know the steps you need to take to make the change permanently.

And I didn’t either, until I almost lost my wife, my children, my high-paying job, and everything else that was near and dear to me. I tried everything to eliminate my compulsive sexual behavior that started when I was very young.

An incident that happened to me when I was a child led to a lifetime struggle with porn addiction and sex addiction. I tried 12 step programs, counseling, therapy, even hypnosis – but nothing worked. My addiction got so bad… I lost a $200,000 a year job and I almost lost my family.

But I Ended my Addiction and So Can You!

It took me years of learning, reading, and studying about ways that could help me with my challenge.

I was obsessed with researching scientific literature that challenged the antiquated and traditional disease based addiction model – and there’s a lot of it. Sure… all of those years of studying addiction, success, mindfulness, health, behavior modification, and habits all helped tremendously.

But the missing piece of the puzzle was getting help from a counselor who knew what I was going through and knew the way out. 

I was able to get proven tools I could use to instantly change my behaviors so they helped me move away from porn… and towards my family.

I’ll Hand you The Most Effective And POWERFUL Techniques That Help Conquer Porn Obsession

Maybe you’ve tried EVERYTHING you can on your own to break your obsession with porn… but continue to go through frustration when nothing seems to work.

And every day when you go back to the computer and fire up the porn… you feel disappointed and frustrated with your life right now. This is NOT what you hoped for.

If you feel like porn is controlling or even ruining your life but you don’t know how to break free… then what you’ll learn right now WILL completely change your life.

I’m talking about changing your habits, behaviors, and actions so they help you conquer this addiction.

Take it from me… when you learn how to use your habits, actions, and behaviors so they work FOR you…you can enjoy true FREEDOM from the grip of porn addiction. 

Your whole life starts to fall into place.  Promotions, relationships, weight loss, time for friends. You start to LOVE your life as porn addiction becomes a thing of the past! 

The key to breaking your porn addiction is replacing negative habits and behaviors with positive and productive ones… until the healthy behaviors become habits.

Who Am I and How Can I Help You Break FREE

My name is Craig Perra and I’m a Certified Professional Coach who helped men and couples at one of the top sex and porn addiction treatment centers in the U.S. – the same one where I was a client. 

I’ve appeared on national and local media… including The Katie Couric Show. I now work one-on-one with clients in 15 countries all over the world and have worked with senior executives, professionals, lawyers, professional musicians, professional athletes, doctors, and men who want results fast. 

I’ve lectured at the Annual Conference for the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health and I’ve gained thousands of hours of training at top educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

I combined all this to create a revolutionary and powerful behavior change modality that works fast. I’m proud of this success because I used these tools and techniques to beat my addiction and create a great life…

Just Like You Can do Right Now!

Everything changed when I found someone who KNEW how to help me break free from the grip that porn and sex had on me.

It was this expert help that gave me the tools and methods I could use to end my addiction and improve my life dramatically. Not only that, but I also had someone who I had to answer to… someone who held me accountable in actually following through with the steps I had to take.

This way, I wasn’t just left to my own will to wander through the information. Nope, I had someone there to make sure I was taking the appropriate steps I needed to take to break my addiction!

These new methods and accountability allowed me to create new, healthy habits – and then my whole life changed.

My life is SO much BETTER now that I was FINALLY able to end my addiction to porn using a few simple secrets I’d like to share with you.

You Need the Accountability that Helped Me!

AND YOU NEED A STEP BY STEP PATH. It’s this personal accountability AND STRUCTURE that keeps you on track.

And I know you can do this: After all, what has worked for others who have successfully overcame their addiction to porn can also work for YOU.

You can take comfort in knowing that I’ve learned how to conquer my addiction to porn and have helped thousands of men accomplish the same thing … and you can follow the same steps I took to successfully do this.

After all, the quickest way to get what you want is to follow someone who has already achieved the results you want. This is true in business and it’s true in life. I can give you the steps you can take to change your behavior, end your porn addiction, and dramatically improve your life.

I got the help I needed and in a very short time… my productivity and achievements blossomed. I was spending more time with my wife, kids, friends, and family. I was working with clients in 15 countries.

I was being asked to appear on national TV. For once, I was using the same methods and techniques I had learned to help other guys change their lives. And now, I’d love to help you change as well.

Let Me Ask You A Few Important Questions…

  • Is your sex and porn addiction controlling your life or at least becoming a MAJOR distraction that’s starting to affect certain areas?
  • Do you feel that if you stopped or at least CONTROLLED the amount of porn you watch… your life would be more productive?
  • Is porn interfering with the quality of your marriage, time with your kids, your job, family time, hobbies you enjoy, or other goals?
  • Do you feel that your obsession with porn is starting to take away time you could be spending with your family and children… and it’s starting to hurt the ones you love?
  • Are you lying to friends, family, your wife, kids, or your boss because of this addiction?
  • Are you frustrated and even embarrassed you’re letting this get in the way of your life… and you can’t stomach the fact you’re choosing a computer over your wife and kids?
  • Are you upset with yourself because you’re not achieving all that you FEEL you can achieve in your life… whether it’s having more money, a better body, better friendships, a nicer car or house, or anything else that porn is getting in the way of?
  • Do You Ever Worry About How Your Woman Feels?
  • Do you ever worry if your wife is getting the attention she’s craving?
  • Do you ever wonder if she’s getting her needs met in the bedroom?
  • Are you lighting her up and creating a great relationship?
  • Do you ever worry that you won’t “be there” for your kids when you need to be?


If you can answer “Yes” to ANY of the above… and you feel that your life would be better if you found a way to control or STOP your porn addiction…. I have a powerful solution that I developed after figuring out how to end my own addiction.

Introducing the Mindful Habit Online Program…

The Mindful Habit Method is a science-based, action oriented online program that will help end your addiction to porn permanently, without going to expensive counseling or even leaving the comfort of home. And you will create a great life – I guarantee it.

This course uses the science of HABITS with one of the most effective behavior change techniques to help you break free of compulsive behaviors and addiction to sex & porn.

That’s right… you can use the same sexual energy that’s keeping you addicted to sex and porn… and redirect it towards other areas of your life so you get better results!

My Programs are Science Based & Guaranteed to Change Your Life Fast

I was asked to be on The Katie Couric Show because I overcame my own personal struggles with sex and porn addiction and helped thousands of Craig&Michelle_Katie crop.jpgother guys do the same. I’d love to help you get your life back on track.

The Mindful Habit Method combines the science of the habit cycle with mindfulness to create one of the most powerful behavior change systems on the planet.

Many clients have experienced success with this method after failing with expensive inpatient treatment, traditional counseling and other programs like 12 Steps.

Imagine being able to decide whether or not you want to watch porn… instead of feeling compelled to do it? Imagine having the confidence that comes with being able to go online and not worry about finding yourself on a porn site?

Best of all, you can do this online course in the privacy of your own home…

Without the Need to Spend Thousands on Counseling

In a very short time, your relationships, career, and finances will improve.

I created this program for guys who want to eliminate their obsession with porn, spend more time with their family, and be more productive in all areas of life. When I learned the powerful techniques I’m going to share with you… my life improved so fast I knew this could help other guys’ too.

I used this program to go from shutting family and friends out…  to having enough time to LIVE how I wanted to live! My work performance skyrocketed. I started reaching more goals and making more money. My business continued to grow until it became my main source of income.

When I first started developing this program, I had no idea of the IMPACT it would have on guys’ lives. I used the feedback to keep refining and perfecting the techniques and tools … so it just kept getting more effective and more powerful.

It’s now the single most powerful coaching program for porn addiction in the world today – I firmly believe it. I’ve helped thousands of men to stop wasting time watching porn and instead… make time for their friends, family, kids, work, hobbies, or themselves.

How I Finally Broke my Porn Obsession…

First of all, I was in a pretty dark place. Yeah, it pains me to admit that… but I was really struggling.

I had reached my breaking point and then it all spilled over the night my wife had searched my browsing history. She learned that I was seeking sex outside our marriage through sites like Craigslist and Backpage. I was paying prostitutes and watching excessive amounts of porn.

My sexual energy was out of control… my life and marriage felt over… and yet I felt powerless to do anything about it. I’ve heard alcoholics say that you won’t change until you hit rock bottom.

Well, rock bottom came after I got fired from a $200,000 job and was threatened with divorce.

I was a Complete Mess!

I was watching insane amounts of porn and acting out sexually with prostitutes and using drugs.

It was a dark time… but I knew needed to make a change. I was sick and tired of my pathetic sex obsessed life. There was no way in hell I was going to let porn take my wife and kids from me.

Even still, I needed some tools and techniques in order to permanently break free from my addiction.  I had tried much of my life to break free but nothing worked. 

So I got professional help from one of the top guys in the industry. Just like you can do right now.

More importantly, I started using the new techniques in my life immediately…and everything changed QUICK! When I started to focus on the life I wanted to create, instead of devoting my entire focus on what I didn’t want to do (porn), I finally saw progress. 

My life started to fall into place. I was able to say “goodbye to porn” forever and my whole life transformed because I focused on the life I wanted to create. 

And Now, I’d Love the Chance to Help You

Let’s face it… if porn is starting to interfere or even control your life… to the point it’s creeping into the time you’re supposed to spend on work, with your kids, or your wife… you may need some help like I did. 

And there’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about… again, sex and porn is often TOO powerful to try and fight on our own.

Luckily, I found the expert AND I created a solution that worked for me. This same solution has helped thousands of men.

And now, I can help you break free from your addiction once and for all – from the comfort of your own home. In fact, I’ve taken all of the techniques, information, and methods I learned throughout my lifetime of struggle with sex and porn… refined them, made them better, created new ones, and perfected them so they’re 100 times more effective.

But… unlike I had to do, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on expensive counseling or even leave the comfort of home. 

You’re not helpless here. You don’t have to surrender to your addiction and learn to “manage it.” Bullshit, you’re a grown man who has incredible power… and that includes the power to get rid of this addiction once and for all.

You need proven tools and techniques that help you do it though. Honestly, you CAN’T beat addiction through luck or willpower. You need a proven, scientific formula that helps you replace BAD habits with positive ones that provide you with the results you want.

I’ll Give you the Steps To Do Just That…

This program is the result of my experience with ending my addiction to porn and it’s also based on the experience of helping thousands of men break free from theirs.

And unlike therapy where you have to get in your car and drive to a meeting each week… you can use this powerfully effective course from the comfort of your own home!

Each week you’re going to replace bad habits with new empowering ones. You will master the golden rule of behavior modification – to break a habit you must make a habit.

And by changing bad habits and behaviors… ending your addiction to porn will come naturally.

No Matter What You’ve Tried, You Can Beat  Addiction!

It doesn’t matter where you are right now or how bad things have become.

Whatever your situation, no matter how bad you feel your addiction has gotten…my proven techniques give you everything you need to stop your porn addiction and start living the productive, happy life you deserve.

You’ll use simple techniques that enable you to finally build the life you want and live it on YOUR terms.

Picture this: In just a few short months from now… you’ve learned how to finally break free from your porn addiction.

In fact, I guarantee that you will profoundly change your life in three weeks – if not I give you your money back. Your marriage has improved, your kids can’t wait til you come home…your relationships and health have improved, and you truly feel happy every single day.

You have great friends and the LOVE of your children and woman. You have the time, peace of mind, and happiness to truly ENJOY each day. You’re experiencing success in EVERY area of your life.

This Can Be Your Reality!

By the way, this is NOT counseling, therapy, or a 12 Step Sex Addicts program. It’s a completely revolutionary and breakthrough program that’s proven to work.

The real magic with this program is the revolutionary tools, techniques, structure and support you get… all from the comfort of your home.

With this personal accountability and structured step by step program, I refuse to let you fail.  

You’re going to have the accountability that you’d get from a therapist… but you’ll create a PERMANENT change right from home without the cost or inconvenience of expensive counseling.

With my program… I’ll give you WEEKLY support and effective strategies for changing habits that are keeping you addicted to porn.

If you follow and use the steps laid out in this course, you’ll SEE your life improve before your eyes in no time. No struggle. No ‘what-ifs’. 

If porn is continuing to interfere and be a problem in your life… this is the fastest, easiest, most convenient and affordable way to successfully end your addiction.


The Mindful Habit Online Program Includes:

  • 34 Videos (4+ hours) provide you with my 12 week structured one-on-one program – the same one that I deliver to clients all over the world. (Clients pay upwards of $3,000 for this same information one on one).
  • Weekly webinars hosted by me personally where I cover important techniques ($1,997 value) and answer your questions. These calls are designed to keep you on track and motivated to create an awesome life.
  • A 175+ page Workbook with 40+ exercises to guide you through the program, help you be accountable and drive results ($299 value).
  • A Community Forum where myself and my other coaches will help ensure you hit your goals. It’s also a place where you support other members ($99 value).
  • Free Partner Survival Guide to help your partner during the process ($49 value).
  • Now you can change your life without leaving your home or office – no waiting in waiting rooms and commuting back and forth to a therapist.
  • Available anywhere in the world with a phone or computer. And compared to expensive therapy sessions with counselors, this is more affordable.
  • And it’s guaranteed to work.


In The Mindful Habit Program… You’ll Discover:

  • How powerful your sexual energy is and how it can either cause problems in your life.. or you can use it to create a great life
  • How to use the addiction/habit cycle to break free from sex and porn addiction
  • Why you can’t break free from your porn addiction and what to do about it.
  • Tools and techniques to make positive choices and take positive actions
  • Why goal setting is critical in breaking your habit and how to create new habits
  • Fundamental rules of behavior modification to use to break habits and addictions
  • How to create a powerful plan to finally capture the life you want and deserve
  • Awareness of your porn habit and the toll that it’s actually taking on your life
  • Why your actions impact your life & how to use them to get what you want
  • How to be accountable for your actions and instead of making excuses for them
  • Why you must master THIS to break free of compulsive sexual behavior
  • How to master your thoughts, habits, and behaviors to get the results you want
  • How changing your habits can help end your addiction… when all else has failed
  • Why we keep engaging in destructive habits even when they SEEM to serve no purpose
  • The most effective way to make better choices that lead to controlling porn
  • The fast and easy way to control your THOUGHTS and ACTIONS so you WANT to do something more productive than watching porn
  • How to incorporate new HEALTHY habits that support ending your porn addiction so you CRAVE healthy relationships with your wife & kids
  • How to retrain your mind to naturally and automatically eliminate the urge to watch porn and instead… choose habits that make healthy choices a priority
  • How to make it more PAINFUL to choose porn over choosing more productive habits like spending more time with your wife or family
  • How to instantly improve your relationship or marriage, family life, career, and every area of your life
  • How to live a metrics driven life
  • How to create the infrastructure in your life, just like successful companies do, to make your escape from porn permanent
  • That the actions you take is the life you make
  • THE most important part of ending your porn addiction… including keeping consistent with healthy choices and avoiding habits you KNOW are bad for you
  • How to use mindfulness to stop repeating negative habits from the past

The proof of this program, of course, is in the results it produces. That’s why I want to share some of the amazing success stories I’ve gotten from clients. The testimonials below were written by a professional athlete, a senior executive, a lawyer, a doctor, and a college student.

Here’s PROOF This Program Works…

“”The Mindful Habit Method has allowed me to build an amazing foundation and set of tools to live the life I want. I’ve tried to change for over a decade with failure after failure.  The difference this time is I feel like I’m moving toward a new life rather than slipping back to the old.” Tom L

“When I started working with Craig, I was battling years of compulsive sexual habits. Preventing myself from falling back into old habits was a daily struggle despite seeing a therapist. Craig taught me a series of tools that allowed me to control unhealthy sexual urges, and channel that energy into more positive outlets.” Eric N.

“The content and leadership from Craig is rock solid – highly practical, well organized and passionate. sign up and change your life for the better.” Peter J

“Craig was a amazing coach and friend when I needed it the most. I had struggled with internet and porn addiction for many years. I’m so glad that I finally reached out to Craig to get the extra help and support that I needed. Step by step Craig showed me awesome techniques to finally beat my addiction.  He also, helped me with so many other areas of my life. I will be ever thankful for him. Craig showed me the power of choice!” Mark L.

“He has created a wonderful program based on the latest science and refined with years of experience. I spent the better part of a year trying to build a program myself and finally found success when I reached out to Craig. I am at a great point in my life personally as well as with my wife and continue to push that forward. What I appreciated most about Craig’s approach was his desire to make himself disposable as quickly as possible. He cared immensely in equipping me with the right tools and mindset to serve me for the rest of my life. That desire coupled with his constant support have made a world of difference. I thank God for pointing me in the direction of Craig. If you are struggling, do your self a favor and call him!” Tom L.

“Working on a weekly basis with Craig has allowed me to build an amazing foundation and set of tools to live the life I want to live. Being accountable on a weekly basis over the past few months has been key. I have tried to change my behavior for over a decade with failure after failure.  The difference this time is I feel like I’m moving toward a new life rather than slipping back to the old.  I did that countless times.  If you are fortunate enough to get to this site and want to change you have found a great program to assist you.” Michael T.

So How Much Does This Program Cost?

Look, counseling with a therapist is an option…I know because this is what helped me. But it can get expensive over time. I know because I spent a TON of money on it – over ten thousand dollars.

The biggest problem is… most therapists do NOT know or use the new and improved methods I’ve learned and use with my clients.

Again, I’ve already gone through this myself… personally. Unlike most therapists who do not have personal experience when it comes to winning the battle against porn.. you and I are a lot alike. So I know what you’re going through and also how to fix it.

The methods I learned helped me end my addiction and I created new ones. I refined and perfected these techniques, based on what has worked for me and now for thousands of other men. So you are getting THE best of the best techniques.

THAT is Something No Other Therapist Can Give You!

So, sure you could go to a therapist, sit in a waiting room, and pay anywhere from $50 to $200… and then have to go back many times. But again, the stuff therapists give you… they don’t have the proven track record I have.

Actually, therapists here locally in Northern California, refer their most difficult cases to me. Why? Because what I do is revolutionary.

They don’t have the results I have, they don’t have the specific and expert methods I’ve learned, refined, and perfected.

My course is unlike anything else out there… because it has the newest and most effective techniques that are available. What you learn from me… you won’t learn from anyone else… and I’ve got the track records and results to prove it.

You could go to a therapist and spend  $3,000 or more… but you won’t learn anything nearly as powerful as what I can teach you, right from home, for a tiny fraction of the cost.

You Can Use This Program in the Comfort of Home

This means you don’t have to interrupt your life and pay money for an expensive program that takes you away from your family AND your job.

In fact, my techniques are so powerful and proven effective… word quickly spread among guys who were looking for a solution for their porn addiction.

Currently, my one on one clients pay up to and over $3,000 for my advice, techniques, and proven system…and I’ve helped thousands of guys with this same information. 

They’ve all told me it’s been worth every single penny. They not only beat their addiction, but they created great lives for themselves and their family.

And sure, if you feel that you’d like my personal help and one-on-one help with your specific situation, we can definitely talk about that. But since I want to help out as many guys as possible, I wanted to put my most effective, powerful methods online so that guys all around the world could use them.

Since my methods are in my private membership site, I no longer have to be there coaching you in person, on the phone, or on Skype.  This means you can access this entire program for a fraction of the cost in the privacy of your own home or on your mobile device anywhere.

If you take action right now… you can access the entire Mindful Habit online course and membership site for just one easy payment of only $497.00.

This is Affordable, Effective, AND Convenient!

Now, I understand this may seem like a lot of money. So I’ve set up a payment plan that will let you spread it out over 3-months, if you like.

You can invest $167.00 per month for 3 months and get the information, hand-holding, and accountability that will help you end your addiction to porn, once and for all. And what’s it worth to have better and happier relationships with the people you love?

Sign up NOW to immediately access the program that’s been helping thousands of guys manage and even eliminate their porn addiction… improving their relationships with their wife, kids, and family… and improve their work, business, or career. –

ORDER NOW And You’ll Also Receive This Gift, Worth AT LEAST $49, Absolutely Free!

Free Bonus: The Partner’s Survival Guide ($49 value)

Order the Mindful Habit course now and you’ll also receive- THE PARTNER’S SURVIVAL GUIDE… which will help her get through this process much easier. Of course, if she’s willing to hang in there for you and be there while you make your way through this… you owe it to her to give her some help. This guide will help her get through this time of your addiction… making it so her questions get answered as well. I want you to read this first so you know what she’s going through and the support she needs.

You Have an Important Choice to Make…

You can continue trying to quit porn on your own… but I know the specific and proven tools and techniques that work. This is something you can do for your family… but more importantly… you can do this for yourself!

And you can get started RIGHT AWAY.  Because my course can be done from the comfort of your home, with full privacy, there’s no time-consuming travel for you. And there’s no overhead I have to pay for… like office furniture or rent. For this reason… I can pass the savings along and offer this at a very affordable price.

100% Money Back Guarantee …

I’m a strong believer in holding my clients accountable.  After all, this accountability is what keeps you moving forward. But that applies to me as well – you’re paying me for results so that’s what I must deliver.

I want you to feel confident about trying this course today, so I’ve included a 21 day money back guarantee to ease your mind and reduce all risk.

porn addiction guarantee online programYou’ll get to try out my online course for 21 days and see what amazing results you can achieve. If for some reason you’re not totally happy with the results you get, just send me an email within 21 days and I’ll happily give you a full refund, no questions asked.

You can even keep the bonus Partner’s Guide, for free, just as my way of saying “thanks for trying it out.”

You don’t have ANYTHING to lose… but so much to gain. These powerful techniques will help you break free from the grasp of addiction and start living a happy, successful, productive life.

Don’t forget, you’re powerful brother, this is something you can do. You don’t have to stand by and helplessly watch porn TAKE everything that’s important to you.

There’s ZERO Shame in Asking for Help!

Don’t wait until it’s tool late.  You can get help right from the comfort of home without having to pay high therapy costs. That’s why I’m doing this… I want to give back and try to help guys save their marriages, relationships with their kids, their jobs, and everything else important to them.

Believe me, I’ve been where you are so I know how frustrating it can be to WANT to stop… but can’t figure out a way to do it. 

It’s tough to break the obsession alone. You need help from someone who has already done it and figured it out. It makes no sense to struggle with trial and error and trying to figure it out. I know exactly what it takes to end the addiction because I’ve done it successfully.

Your wife will thank you, your kids will thank you, and your boss will thank you when you finally eliminate your addiction completely… to the point where it no longer interferes with your life at all. And YOU will thank you.

To Recap.. Here’s what You Get in Mindful Habit…

  • Structured 12 week step by step program to end your addiction.
  • 34+ high quality videos with all the techniques you need for quitting porn
  • 175+ page .pdf workbook
  • Group Support – Community Forum
  • Weekly webinars with me
  • Free Partner Support survival guide
  • Money Back Guarantee

This Will Be A Life Changing Experience

You’re smart enough to realize that choosing porn over your wife, your kids, and your job is not the best thing for you and your life.

BUT… you’re just not sure how to break free and quit. And that’s where this course comes in… it will help you do that. Go ahead and use my experience as a shortcut that can help you stop your addiction to porn in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Click the link below and order. You deserve it and your family does too… this is something you can do for all of you.

To Your Success,

Craig Perra

P.S. Look… if your addiction to porn is negatively affecting your life or your relationship with a loved one… this will show how to permanently end your problem so you can have a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

Don’t let porn cost you your loved ones, family, or children. Don’t let it get in the way of your relationships and get to the point where your partner wants to leave you.

Don’t risk your marriage, job, or the most important person in your life. This will give you everything you need to stop. And remember, there’s no risk for trying this out.

P.P.S  Guess how many of my clients have asked for their money back in two years? ZERO!   So, you can feel comfortable knowing these techniques will work.

I also have a payment plan that will let you spread that out over 3-months, if you like. So don’t delay… there’s no reason to. Order now while it’s fresh on your mind.



All testimonials are from real clients and edited for spelling and grammar only.

I’ve worked with Craig for the last 12 weeks, and I have seen a dramatic change in my perspective on life, an increased sense of self worth, and an overall healthier lifestyle.

When I started working with Craig, I was battling years of compulsive sexual habits. Preventing myself from falling back into old habits was a daily struggle despite seeing a sex therapist. Craig taught me a series of tools that allowed me to control unhealthy sexual urges, and channel that energy into more positive outlets.

Craig was a valuable resource toward improving the quality of my life and my relationships.

John C.

Commercial Airline Pilot

Craig was a amazing coach and friend when I needed it the most. I had struggled with internet and porn addiction for many years. I’m so glad that I finally reached out to Craig to get the extra help and support that I needed. Step by step Craig showed me awesome techniques to finally beat my addiction.

He also, helped me with so many other areas of my life. I will be ever thankful for him.

Craig showed me the power of choice!

Mark L.


I can’t speak highly enough about Craig and the work he has done with me. He has created a wonderful program based on the latest science and refined with years of experience. I spent the better part of a year trying to build a program myself and finally found success when I reached out to Craig. I am at a great point in my life personally as well as with my wife and continue to push that forward.

What I appreciated most about Craig’s approach was his desire to make himself disposable as quickly as possible–I mean that in the best possible way. He cared immensely in equipping me with the right tools and mindset to serve me for the rest of my life. That desire coupled with his constant support have made a world of difference. I thank God for pointing me in the direction of Craig. If you are struggling, do your self a favor and call him!

Tom L.

Business Owner

Working on a weekly basis with Craig has allowed me to build an amazing foundation and set of tools to live the life I want to live. Being accountable on a weekly basis over the past few months has been key. I have tried to change my behavior for over a decade with failure after failure.  The difference this time is I feel like I’m moving toward a new life rather than slipping back to the old.  I did that countless times.  If you are fortunate enough to get to this site and want to change you have found a great program to assist you.

Michael T.