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Is Your Program Based Upon 12 Steps?

No, it’s not and for a very good reason. The effectiveness of 12 Step programs is poor … and data regarding its efficacy for compulsive sexual behavior is virtually nonexistent – sex addiction or hypersexuality, was expressly rejected as a mental disorder... read more

Be Your Own Accountability Parter & Accomplish Your Goals

Are you struggling to accomplish your goals. Accountability is critical, not just in managing your sex & porn addiction, but in all aspects of your life. Learn to be your own accountability partner and drive results. Bring structure to the success you wish to achieve, because a goal without a plan is a dream. Stop dreaming and start living.

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Are You Thankful For Your Addiction Yet?

I am thankful for my addictions. In this video that I shot in Disneyland, I tell you why … and hopefully give you a different perspective on your failures and shortcomings. My failures and addictions prompted incredible change in my life. I used them to wake up... read more

Who Are You? Great Advice From Hunter S. Thompson

WHO ARE YOU? I love to reflect on the deeper issues in my life often. Life is hard. It’s busy and so often our goals and dreams get lost in the process. Instead of embracing our passions, instead we stay stuck in fear, mediocrity and malaise hiding behind the... read more

5 Way to Learn from Failure

Someone posted the article linked below in my Free Facebook Support Group that I run for men struggling with compulsive sexual behavior and I had to share it. See, I love failure. I know a lot about it – both personally and professionally. One could say... read more

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