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In this episode of “Sex Addictions and Porn Afflictions,” Craig Perra, certified professional coach and Founder of The Mindful Habit® System to End Compulsive Behavior, shares the gut wrenching story of his battle with sex, porn, and drug addiction. Craig argues that in order to control your life, you must first master your habit cycle.

After a failed suicide attempt using a synthetic drug called bath salts, Craig’s wife stayed with him to help prevent further suicide attempts. He candidly recalls checking himself into therapy and dealing with his inner demons while maintaining a positive attitude filled with humor and passion for life moving forward.

If you want to learn precisely how to master your habit cycle this podcast is a must. In just 15 minutes Craig explains the habit cycle and shares a powerful exercise that you can start doing immediately to increase your power of choice.

Craig also answers a powerful question about a client’s obsession with a prostitute’s refusal to kiss him – even though she kissed other guys. Learn how the questioner’s key human need for significance droves his obsession.