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In this episode of “Sex Addictions and Porn Afflictions,” Craig Perra, certified professional coach and Founder of the “Mindful Habit to End Compulsive Behavior,” tells you how to tackle your triggers with his process “Wrong Thought, Right.”

When you’re on the brink of losing everything due to battling your addictions, the key lies in changing your thought process – hacking your habit cycle to create space between your biologically hard-wired triggers, decades of programming around your thoughts, and action. This will enhance your ability to exercise choice.

In the question and answer section of the podcast Craig helps a sex addict realize how his core human need of significance was breached when a prostitute rejected his advances. And how to get that need met in a healthy way.

Craig goes in detail about how to hack your habit cycle using 5 steps in order to get the most of out of your life and to stop letting your triggers get the best of you.

Listen to the podcast here OR read the transcription below!